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Rie's Biography

August 17, 1921  ~  April 6, 2015

     Rie Muñoz' (REE MOO NYOS') paintings and prints have a freshness, a spontaneity, and a sense of humor that is unusual in today's art world.  She has the ability to convey a happy feeling to the viewer that is truly refreshing and enchanting.

      Rie, a long-time resident of Alaska, was born and raised in California. She has lived in Alaska since 1950 when she first came to Juneau on vacation.  She fell in love with Alaska and gave herself until the boat was to leave the next day to find a job and a place to live. That was almost a half century ago and since then Juneau has been home to Rie Munoz.

      During her years in Alaska, Rie has become well acquainted with most of the southeastern villages. She has also visited many of the northern communities teaching one year on King Island (featured in January 1954 National Geographic).

     Rie's paintings reflect her interest in day-to-day activities of village life such as whaling, berry picking and games the children play, as well as in the folklore and legends.

    She averages about sixty originals per year. In 1972, she began to publish full color reproductions of a small number of her watercolors.

    Her reproductions and original prints are carried by galleries in the U.S. and Canada and throughout the world. She has had many solo watercolor exhibits in Alaska, Oregon and Washington State including frequent exhibits at the Charles and Emma Frye Museum.  In 1985, 1989, 1992, 1995 and 1997 she visited with her fans at Eastside Gala~Rie in Olympia, Washington.

    The book "Rie Muñoz Portrait of Alaska" was published in 1995 and brings together all of her published art through 1995, including linocut, soapstone, stencil, serigraph and stone lithographic prints; posters; and color lithographic reproductions of original watercolor paintings. The collection spans 30 years (1966 through 1995) and includes 351 full-color plates presented in chronological order and annotated with captions by Rie. Text written by Alaskan author Sarah Epenbach tells of Rie's life from childhood to the present. Books are available at Gala-Rie.



Rie Muñoz
 August 17, 1921 ~ April 6, 2015

     We had the privilege of attending the Celebration of Life with the Munoz family and friends at Centennial Hall in Juneau Alaska. The hall was packed and overflowing with Rie's friends including current Governor Bill Walker and Lt. Governor Byron Mallott, along with several hundred other locals. Many people arrived by ferry or  flew in from distant places.

     The celebration began with the Color Guard and American Legion Commander Dick Hand  presenting the United states Flag to Rie's grandson Matthew Muñoz. That was pretty spectacular!

     Juan told of Rie's life history with great class and humor leaving you feeling  everything is good and as it should be.  We were then taken on a slide show trip down memory lane with Rie over the last 90 plus years, what an amazing woman! what an amazing adventure!

     Her longtime friends Jean Shadrach and Clem Tillion, reminisced sharing some great memories about  their adventures with Rie.

     Rie will be missed but we know that she will live on in the hearts of all who have crossed paths with her. The art she has created will continue to lift our spirits and bring to life our memories of long  ago adventures.

     The following is a great article you're sure to enjoy by Amy Fletcher | Capital City Weekly 

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      Lots of info and other great articles by searching with Bing or Google.

      Just type in - Rie Munoz Alaskan Artist

Have a Rie Muñoz day, it'll put a smile on your face and joy in your heart.



Rie's back Home in Juneau 

     Rie has been visiting her brother in Morrow bay for the last few months, basking in the sun, getting her daily walks in and enjoying life--most important may be she was keeping warm. She really looks forward to spending time with her brother and his family. This is always a warm and wonderful get-away for her. Rie finds plenty to do and enjoys the time at Morrow Bay. Juan always gets her there safely in January and then, in the spring  returns with son Matthew and accompany her on the trip back home.

     She's home in Juneau now catching up on all the latest news.  Most important, Grand daughter Mercedes has been proposed to and accepted.

The Proposal






December 2014

Rie Celebrated her 93rd Birthday

     Rie turned 93 back in August and celebrated it with a lavish lunch at our house in Lena. Rie invited her favorite friends over for the afternoon and ate an old family recipe from Cuba, "Septimo Hash." The guests were encouraged not to bring gifts as Rie usually gives them away to someone else before the days end.

     Rie is doing her thing in Juneau as the fall weather sets in. She stays downtown at her condo most days and spends the night 'out the road' at her cabin at Lena. We go to art shows and she enjoys the outing. Rie helps me get Matthew to school everyday and there's always a laugh or two to go around. Life is good.  by Juan Muñoz



     Rie's granddaughter, Mercedes Munoz, has settled in nicely back to her home town of Juneau. She is living in her grandma's house up on Starr Hill with her boyfriend Bill Sarandria and two dogs, Oliver and Winston. Mercedes has a job at a local art studio called The Canvas. Life is good!



     Cathy, Matthew and I will be going off to Chile from November 17- December 12. We will be visiting family and relaxing after the rigorous campaign.



Salmon Derby

The Rie Munoz Gallery put an ad this last summer for the annual Golden North Salmon Derby. This image was an old newspaper cartoon Munoz did when she was working at the Juneau Daily Empire.


Thank you for your interest in the artwork of Rie Muñoz!


Make A Wish

It's good news that the campaign season has ended and I hope that your favorite candidate has won. It's no exception in the Munoz family. Cathy Munoz, Rie's daughter in law, is one of Juneau's two representatives in the State House, and still is. This year Cathy faced her first challenger in 6 years and she had to get the dust off of the 'campaign machine.'

Rie really enjoyed being in the middle of the campaign intrigue and would ask me daily, "Is anything new going on in the political front?" There usually was something juicy to report. As you can imagine, Rie stumping for Cathy didn't hurt.

Rie is 'doing her thing' in Juneau as the fall weather sets in. She stays downtown at her condo most days and spends the night 'out the road' at her cabin at Lena. We go to art shows and she enjoys the outing. Rie helps me get Matthew to school everyday and there's always a laugh or two to go around. Life is good.  by Juan Muñoz


September October 20144

Tacoma Dome - October 2014
Holiday Food and Gift Festival
Rie Muñoz Art ~ Booth 209

Tacoma Dome  ~ Show Dates and Times

Oct. 22nd


11 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 23rd


10 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 24th


10 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 25th


10 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 26th


10 am - 5:00 pm

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June July August 2014

Rie Returns From Morrow Bay    


       Rie Munoz just returned last month from spending three months in Morro Bay, California. She stayed with her younger brother Piet who is only 90. The two of them had a grand time. Rie's nephew Pete was nearby to help if need be. Juan and Matthew picked up Rie and drove to Palm Springs for a week of sun before heading back home to Juneau around the end of March. While on the road trip we were surprised by a T-Rex!   




Rie at her cabin at Lena Cove

     Back in Juneau, Rie is settling in to her routine. Staying out at the cabin next to our house, she joins me when I drop Matthew off at school. We usually go to Donna's restaurant for pancake and bacon breakfast and a few laughs. Afterwards we go to the gallery. There are always interesting things to see there and Rie looks through her collection of paintings and the memorabilia and come up with stories to include in her memoirs. The watercolors will remind her of places and events she has forgotten. I told her not to be concerned that her memory is fading since it is 'the second thing to go.' "What's the first?" she asked. "I forgot", replying with a grin.

     We then head to her condo downtown Juneau where she spends the day. I'll pick her up in the afternoon around 4 or 5, after her favorite TV show, 'Judge Judy.' We have dinner together and then she goes to next door cabin for the night. The cabin is very cozy with a great view of Lena Cove and an eagle's nest nearby. You can look at her last published lithograph, 'Lena Cove' to see the view from her window. We're all going to Tenakee for a couple of weeks in June.

Mercedes Graduates from College

     How the time does fly. This May, Mercedes Munoz graduated from Montana State University with honors! She received a bachelor's degree in fine arts with an emphasis in ceramics. For her thesis she applied her beautiful detailed drawings on pottery which was spectacular! Mercedes will move back to Juneau and make her home here. There are a number of opportunities that await Mercedes and all of them are good. Cathy and I are very proud. Congratulations Mercedes! Mercedes and her mom took a three week trip to Spain after her graduation.

From Rie Muñoz update by Juan Muñoz



January 2014

Rie's off To Morro Bay

     Juan accompanied his mom to California and got her settled in. She has always rented a house before while vacationing at Morrow Bay but this time she will be staying with her younger brother at his house, he's only 90!  Rie will spend the next few months with him and his family enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.

     Rie says she really likes her new home next door to Jaun and Kathy in Lena Cove and will miss them while she's bathing in the sun, the cold, not so much. Her new hip is doing fine and she's getting along very well, what an inspiration she is.

Early days Cartoon for the paper

Rie's 10 Year Journal

     While 'mucking out' recently, Rie came across a 10-year journal that she started in 1996. The main reason for starting the journal was to discipline herself and to try and paint or do something art-related most every day.  The following is an insert of the journal.



November - December 2013

We Wish You all
Good Health & a Happy Holiday Season

Tacoma Show Was Great

     We've just finished another wonderful show at the Tacoma Dome. We had the most visitors ever. It was truly exciting and inspiring to see so many of Rie's friends drop by to share their stories and pick up a few Christmas presents along the way.

    We have over 100 prints at issue price. Browse through our Catalogue and see if you too can find a treasure.   

3 New Art Cards

     Rie Munoz has just released three new art cards! New images include "Northern Lights Legend",

"Cannery Worker with Crabs" and "Winter Blast"

                   Northern Lights Legend                                                 Cannery Worker with Crabs                                 

Winter Blast

     Go to Catalogue to see all the cards available Remember FREE SHIPPING  when ordering 10 or more Art Cards .

Come January

     Rie will be in Juneau for the holidays and has moved out to her cabin 50 yards from Juan & Cathy's house at Lena Cove. They say this will be much more fun for all of Them.

     Rie Munoz plans to go to California again and spend the winter months in Morro Bay. She will be living with her younger brother, Piet, who is only 90.

     Last year when Rie was there, the two of them would walk to the store together. They use an old baby carriage to haul their groceries back; if you don't think that got some looks.  Rie's nephew Pete, will be on hand to help and keep an eye on both of them.

     Rie's granddaughter Mercedes is graduating from Montana State this year and will be moving back to Alaska.  It will be fun to see what path she chooses.  Matthew is now 7 years and a very impressive young man.

Rie says "Life is GOOD

       This is a picture taken of  Rie a few days ago by Juan and Cathy's house at Lena Cove. Rie's cabin is about 50 yds. from here. She's pretty excited about her new home, things are working out well.


October - 2013

Tacoma Dome - October 2013
Holiday Food and Gift Festival
Rie Muñoz Art ~ Booth 209

Tacoma Dome  ~ Show Dates and Times

Oct. 16th


11 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 17th


10 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 18th


10 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 19th


10 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 20th


10 am - 5:00 pm

Tacoma Dome


August - September 2013

Rie's 92 and enjoying every second

     Rie Munoz celebrated her 92nd birthday with family in Juneau on August 17. Rie had to share her birthday cake with her grandson Matthew who turned 7 on August 13. At 92 Munoz didn't want a lot of gifts but she was very pleased with the one she received from her granddaughter Mercedes; a large pencil drawing of her that she had done.

     Another gift that she received before her birthday was a new right hip! Rie had originally been told by a Juneau doctor that she was too old to have a hip operation so we got a second opinion at Virginia Mason Clinic in Seattle. The good doctor asked about Rie's lifestyle and since she was still living independently, doing her own cooking and shopping, why not? May 21 was the operation and she is much more active than before. Rie is very happy she did the procedure. We encourage everyone, when any doubt, to seek a second opinion!   by Juan Muñoz

Rie - Cathy - Mercedes - Matthew & Juan  2013

Bears in Town

    Fun was had by all during the birthday festivities and we carefully sealed the cake scraps in the garbage since there have been lots of bears in the neighborhood. There is even one bear that has learned how to open car doors! We came out one morning and the driver's door on both our cars was wide open. A burglar was the first thought, but burglars don't leave the valuables and take the food wrappers and garbage in the car. Then we noticed the large muddy bear prints on the upholstery and the drool on all the exterior door handles.  by Juan Muñoz


June - July 2013

Rie, An Inspiration to All

    As Rie would say, "I can't see very well, my hearing is shot and my legs are stiff, but I'm doing fine." She also says that she and the former Pope have something in common. She borrows his quote when he resigned, "We both have a diminishing reservoir of energy." 

     Rie has been having some hip problem getting around of late so she went to see the Doctor.  The doctor checked her out and said, "We can fix you right up".

     In her normal fashion she said, "Let's get going on this project". It wasn't long before she was down to Seattle's Virginia Mason to a team of the best. With some surgical magic she was fitted with a new hip and whole lot more comfortable and frisky too.

     The next day she was walking in the halls and soon out of the hospital and on her own and ready to head home. The following week she was back home in Juneau enjoying the good life.

      Juan  made all the arrangements and was with her all the way.

Holiday Food and Gift Festival
Tacoma Dome 5 big Days October 2013


March - May 2013

Rie had a Great Trip in California

     At age 91 Rie Muñoz is enjoying life very much, writing her memoirs and recently home after a 3-month trip to California. Rie rented a small house in Morro Bay near her brother Piet. A friend stayed with her the first month and the last month Matthew and Juan picked her up and they all went to Palm Springs.

     They had a grand time in Palm Springs. Cathy, Mercedes and her boyfriend, stayed for a week during spring break. They rented a house with a swimming pool and the dry desert breeze would dry you off in about one minute. The doves made the most wonderful cooing sound in the mornings and evenings. They had lemon, orange and grapefruit trees in full bloom in the yard.

     Rie liked exercising in the warm pool and watching all the fun, this usually involved Matthew and some imaginary Star Wars game.

     Before they returned to Juneau Juan promised Matthew that they would go to Legoland, in Carlsbad near San Diego. He sort of dreaded it, expecting mass crowds, but was pleasantly surprised. They arrived one week before spring break and there were no lines to speak of. Rie went to Legoland one day and even took a couple of rides!



January - February 2013

Waters Edge Gallery Art Showing

     Bill Vogerty of Water’s Edge Gallery in Gig Harbor, and, Bob Mead, former owner of Art Concepts will be showing a large collection of Muñoz work at 7808 Pioneer Way in Gig Harbor. Call 253-658-7449 for more details. The show will be throughout the month of January. There will be old articles and other memorabilia along with a large assortment of Muñoz older work, as well as some of Rie’s more recent lithographs. Stop on by check it out!

Once again Rie's on her way to Sunny California

     Rie Muñoz celebrated Christmas with family in Juneau. The following week she headed off to Morro Bay for three months. There she will get away from the ice and snow which, although very pretty, makes for treacherous walking. In Morro Bay where her older brother Piet lives, she will be able to take daily walks.

     Rie Muñoz celebrated Christmas with family in Juneau. The following week she headed off to Morro Bay for three months. There she will get away from the ice and snow which, although very pretty, makes for treacherous walking. In Morro Bay where her older brother Piet lives, she will be able to take daily walks.

     Mercedes Muñoz is majoring in studio arts at the University of Montana. She brought home lots of her projects and gave them to family for Christmas. Rie gave Mercedes her blue portfolio that she used to carry her originals. It also contained 20 sheets of 300# arches paper and an original painting as well. She also gave her ‘favorite granddaughter’ a large collection of her brushes. by Juan Muñoz


     Last month before the snow started to fly we had a visit from a medium sized black bear at the Rie Muñoz Gallery. Attracted by the late run of salmon up Jordan Creek, only 50' from the gallery, this bruin had a nice lunch. Afterwards he climbed a tree next to the gallery.

     He balanced himself on some large tree limbs and lay down. The limbs are right outside the top window by my desk and there he stayed. After an hour, around noon, he fell asleep. He slept for most of the afternoon. I would show customers the sideshow but did not bother him otherwise. We did not alert the authorities who might have felt obligated to do something. You could see him from the main highway if you looked, but he remained concealed from the general public until dusk when he climbed down and went on his way. We haven’t seen him since and presume he is hibernating someplace cozy. by Juan Muñoz


Rie's 10-Year Journal

While "mucking out" recently, Rie came across a 10-year journal that she started in 1996. The main reason for starting the journal was to discipline herself and to try and paint or do something art-related most ever day. Included is an insert of the journal. We will publish more in the future.

December 2012

    We wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and may 2013 be filled with excitement, fulfillment and lots of great surprises.

November 2012

2012 Holiday Food & Gift Show a great success

     Our thanks to all the Rie Munoz fans that stopped by to say Hello.  It's always fun to see Rie's friends and hear the stories.  It was another amazing turnout, Rie sends her best and Cheers to all.  Gala-Rie will be at booth 209 again next year with another beautiful display of Rie's prints. 

     It's getting cold in Juneau and Rie is looking forward to heading back to Morrow Bay for a couple months to thaw out. At 91 years of age she surely is an inspiration to all.    

October 2012

Rie Muñoz Art
Gala-Rie's Booth 209

Holiday Food and Gift Festival

Tacoma Dome 5 big Days

October 17- 21, 2012

The Largest Holiday Show in the West


Biggest Show of the Year - Gala-Rie at the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival
Tacoma Dome, October 17-21, 2012 Booth 209

September 2012

Rie may not be painting, But.....

     She sure isn't sitting around watching the wind blow. After arriving home from a holiday in California she continues to write her memoirs in longhand in a notebook. We're sure hoping at some point these stories will be available to her fans.

     Talked to her today and she was getting ready to go over to the Pioneer Home and give a slide show presentation for "the folks".  This show highlights her King Island teaching adventures 62 years ago.

      Rie loves traveling to Tenakee from Juneau on the Ferry.  It's an 8 hour trip that's relaxing and she sees beautiful scenery. The food and conversation is always good, also she can get her naps.  She usually does this on weekends but she says anytime works fine.

Fishing Trip

       In August Rie was invited to join Captain Allan Engstrom aboard his 38' Bertrum on a 5 day fishing trip. Along with Juan, Cathy, Matthew (Allan is Cathy's brother) So, Rie headed off on a fishing trip to the ocean where the 'rod hours' to catch a King Salmon or 'Chinook' are far fewer than in the Inside Passage.

       From Juneau  they roared out to sea at 20 knots to Elfin Cove, about a six-hour journey. Elfin Cove is a small (pop. 18), self described, "Drinking town with a fishing problem." This charming community has a small inner harbor that is protected from the ocean swells. Rie has a cabin in 'the Cove' but doesn't visit it much as she tends to head to Tenakee instead. The locals were pleased as punch to see Rie in town again. We had dinner at Coho's Pizza Place and chatted with one and all.


       In the morning we headed out to Deer Harbor, legendary for its salmon runs. We got down to business pulling up fish in fairly rough seas--4-5-foot swells from the SE with rain. I was concerned that this trip might be a bit rough for my 90-year-old mother who spent the day in bed, as did our five-year-old son. I was ready to cancel the trip but she assured me that as long as she lied down she felt fine. Furthermore, she had forgotten to take her Dramamine before the rough seas hit.

       After 6 hours fishing we ducked into Surge Bay for the night. The serene bay calmed our stomach nerves and we all enjoyed fresh King salmon for dinner. The next day was calmer and with everyone taking Dramamine an hour before we headed out, no problems! We caught a couple of salmon and a few rockfish. Matthew reeled in some fish but mainly 'bonked' them. I had a huge bull Sea Lion breach out of the water and take a salmon off my line as I was fighting it! It grabbed the 20-pounder and bit it in half shaking his head. Rie didn't fish but had loads of fun watching all the action. That evening we pulled in to another idyllic location, Greentop Harbor.

        The third day we finished until we had enough salmon and headed in to the small town of Pelican. There is a famous bar in town called Rosie's. Don't confuse that with the other famous bar in Tenakee also called Rosie's. What's up with that? Anyway we headed up to Rosie's for a little cheer after three days at sea. Traveling with a celebrity like Rie to a bar has its benefits and the drinks were flowing. Rie ordered a martini which she has on occasion, but wasn't ready for the 'special drink' they mixed for her. It was at least a double and things got quite jolly! Finally we switched to water, regained our composure and had a nice dinner.

       We were planning to fly out the next morning but Mother Nature had other things in mind. The fog set in and we were 'Overheaded' by our float plane. The same thing happened the next day but we had fun walking around Pelican, eating fish and of course stopping at Rosie's. Rie said she was going to order a beer so they couldn't spike it. Allan said, "They can spike anything at Rosie's!" Rie had a grand time and wants to do it again.

    fishing trip story by Juan Muñoz

August  2012

Don't miss Rie on YouTube

     Take a break and check out Rie Munoz on YouTube. It's really simple, Just go to www.youtube.com  type in "Rie Munoz" then sit back and enjoy! There are six segments available now.

Summer Travelers

    If you, or your friends are planning a trip up the Inside Passage this summer the Rie Muñoz Gallery is open 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday but if your visit is on a Sunday or Monday we will open by appointment. The gallery is truly a great tribute to Rie Munoz. They are showing tapestries, stained glass and memorabilia you may even get an opportunity to have a tour of the facility which has over 150 watercolor paintings by Rie Munoz dating back to the 1950's. They are always happy to share insights on other must-sees in the Capital City.


June -July 2012

What's Rie up to

     While "mucking out" recently Rie found an old photo of a casein watercolor painting she did, circa 1965. Entitled, "Community College Fire" this was a large piece about 24" x 36" and shows the last moments of our downtown Juneau community college.



April - May 2012

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See six chefs battle it out the be the next king or queen of Alaska seafood!

Please join the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institue at the Anchorage Historic Railroad Depot at 4 p.m. on Monday, May 14 for a scenic ride down the Turnagain Arm and arrive at the Bill Sheffield Anchorage Railroad Depot for night of great food and drink paired with fierce competition. During the live cook off, the contestants will have an hour to prepare and plate a dish highlighting Alaska seafood. Their work will be judged by a panel of past Great American Seafood Cook Off contestants and culinary stars from Alaska and beyond.   

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Chefs include:

Chistopher Vane - Crush Wine Bistro, Anchorage
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Mary Helms - Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Anchorage
Gil Turturici - The Chart Room, Kodiak
Kevin Lane - Alaska Culinary Academy, Seward

Back home in Alaska

     Rie had a great trip to Marrow Bay especially enjoying the warmer climate.  You can imagine, since Rie is not sketching and painting she is spending more time just hanging out and exploring the local scene down there.  You have to wonder if she might still get out a sketch book once in a while.

     Take a break and check out Rie Munoz on YouTube. It's really simple, Just go to youtube.com - type in Rie Munoz then sit back and enjoy! There are six segments available now.



February 2012

Rie Munoz adds new dimension

     You can now go to youtube.com and see Rie's guided tour of the Alaska State Museum Exhibition 2006.   The first segment is ready now--you're going to love this. As usual she makes you feel like you're right there with her.

So! what do you do?

      In your browser, type, youtube.com

      You Tube opens, then type in,  Rie Munoz

     Then sit back and join  Rie in a walk through of her original watercolor exhibition at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, 2006
     Featuring over 100 original watercolor paintings along with stained glass, tapestries and memorabilia, the 30 minute DVD gives the viewer insight into the art and the artist.




January, 2012

Rie is on her way to Sunny California

But, wait a minute she got one more social occasion under her belt before heading south. Rie is always welcomed and adored by so many Alaskans. Rie is well known for her deep caring about all her neighbors and their wellbeing. 

compliments Juneau Empire

Juneau welcomes state legislators

Posted: January 22, 2012 - 12:05am
Rep. Bill Stoltze visits with Juneau artist Rie Munoz during the 27th Community Welcome Reception at Centennial Hall on Wednesday.  Michael Penn/Juneau Empire
Michael Penn/Juneau Empire
Rep. Bill Stoltze visits with Juneau artist Rie Munoz during the 27th Community Welcome Reception at Centennial Hall on Wednesday.
Juneau welcomes state legislators for the second session of the 27th legislature with warmth, food and friendly faces.

Above, Rep. Bill Stoltze visits with Juneau artist Rie Munoz during the Community Welcome Reception at Centennial Hall on Wednesday.

Right, Rep. Bob Miller, D-Fairbanks, and Rep. Lindsey Holmes, D-Anchorage, mix with the crowd.


Rie's Getting ready to head South

     Rie enjoyed another great holiday season with her family and friends in Alaska again this year. Rie's granddaughter Mercedes was home for the holidays and they shared some fun time. Of coarse she gets great pleasure in seeing grandson Mathew quite frequently.

     As the harsher weather arrives in Juneau, Rie is packing her bags and bidding her family and friends ado as she's off on her annual journey to Morrow bay this month for warm up time and just enjoying the great life.

     Gala-Rie, has had another fantastic year. We had a wonderful time at the 2011 show- visiting with Rie's fans, sharing the fun stories, and providing an opportunity for them to purchase some rare prints and many newer ones still at issue price.

     We're looking forward to the show at the Tacoma Dome, October 2012.  We'll again have an amazing Collection of Rie's work going back to the very beginning including some of her first published prints as well as some great surprises .  See you at Booth #209.



from Mary & Bill at Gala-Rie

December ~ 2011

~ Excerpts From Juan's News Letter ~


     Life is good for Rie these days. In her cozy condo, she sleeps in—to 8 am sometimes—makes herself a cup of coffee and reads the Juneau Empire newspaper in her robe and pajamas. After that, she’ll have an English muffin with cheese or marmalade and perhaps another coffee.

     The food store is about three blocks away and Muñoz walks there a few times a week. She also likes to walk the quarter mile to the senior center to have lunch with friends.

     On other days, she’ll hop in her Toyota Prius and drive (yes she’s still driving!) ‘out the road’ to pick up mail at the Rie Muñoz gallery, visit friends in the Pioneer Home, or go to the Fred Meyer store. She doesn’t drive when it’s getting dark or during rush hours. (Rush hours in Juneau are like one city block of traffic down south so it’s not that bad.)

Rie and Matthew watching the sunset at Lena Cove

     At least once a week we all get together for dinner. Sometimes it’s at a restaurant, or we’ll cook ‘out the road’ at our place. In winter, with the shorter days, Rie will drive the 16 miles before it gets dark, have dinner and spend the night in our cabin. It’s about 40 yards from our house, overlooking the cove and an eagle’s nest, (see Lena Cove lithograph). After breakfast, when it is light enough, she packs up her overnight suitcase and goes home.

     It was on one of these mornings that Rie brought her suitcase to the front of her car without putting it inside. She went inside to say goodbye and when she came out, the suitcase was gone! We couldn’t imagine that a ‘no-good-nick’ would steal the suitcase at 8 am in a nice rural neighborhood. In addition to her toothbrush, a change of clothes, and a few cookies, one of her valuable sketchbooks was inside—none of which could be found!

     On the following day, I expanded the search area and found the suitcase in the neighbor’s bushes. Rie’s belongings were scattered about the woods, soaking wet. I noticed bear teeth marks in her suitcase and figured out the rest of the story. The bruin was very close when Rie put the suitcase in front of the car. He snatched it, unzipped it by the way, and ate the cookies and toothpaste. He showed no interest in the Rie Muñoz sketches.

     I salvaged the drenched sketchbook and put paper towels between each page of sketches before they stuck together. While Rie still uses both the suitcase and the sketchbook, she is more cautious with her belongings in our unsavory neighborhood.

     Rie travels to Tenakee and stays about one month a year in her cabin on Chichagof Island. The town of one hundred is known for the mineral hot springs that are 105° year-round. The springs are located a mere 75 yards from Rie’s cabin and she takes a daily bath at 9 am sharp, the start of women’s hours. On her last trip, Rie had to kick out three commercial fishermen who had stayed in the bath too long! She bragged about it later to a group of women and they said that, yes, it was their husbands.


     Rie Muñoz, 90, has put down her brushes with the exception of an occasional family picture for fun. One of these is Matthew on his first trick or treat adventure! We headed downtown on a rainy and windy night. As we drove silently in the darkness, Matthew, dressed as his favorite superhero, said in a serious voice, "Dad, Spiderman is a little nervous about trick or treating." When Rie heard the story she had a good laugh and painted the scene.

 ~ You have just viewed excerpts from the latest news letter from Juan Muñoz ~


November 2011


Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival

     We had a wonderful time visiting with so many of Rie's friends and fans at this years show. It was amazing seeing all the guests enjoying the events, shopping for gifts and having such a fun time.  

Long lines first thing in morning, every day

We were setup and ready to greet all the friends.

Here they come.

And there was a steady flow

Our second show at the Tacoma Dome and we just signed up for next year.

Our little friend says,  "T'was a Great Show, night night."

Thank you all so much. We are often asked, how did the show go. 

     We are really please to tell you that the interest in Rie, her health and was she  having a good time, was exciting.  The sales at this show were beyond our expectations.  We really thank all of you who stopped by and enjoyed the show. The art sales were incredible.



Visit Gala-Rie at the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival at the Tacoma Dome
October 19 ~ 23rd   Booth 209
We'll have a great selection of Rie Muñoz Art

         ~S & N Collector Art Prints ~ old & new~                       ~Posters~
~Art Pins~

Happy Holidays to All

We look forward to seeing you at the festival

More show info & Coupons:   http://www.holidaygiftshows.com


October 2011

Rie's 90th Birthday Party in Juneau

     We took the opportunity and flew to Juneau experiencing another one of the on going adventures with Rie Muñoz,

     Rie greeted her friends in her normal fashion for over 2 hours. There was lots of great food and the friends just kept coming.  Rie greeted each and every friend with open arms and stories of the past flying.  So many smiles, it had to have been one of the most energized events we've ever experienced.

     Rie has moved down town and settled into her new digs and says she love the place, She decorated with many memories and a very special work of art by granddaughter Mercedes.

What's Rie up to now!

     While Rie is not actively painting any longer she is working on a very interesting project.  She says it got off to a bit rocky start.

     As  luck would have it, seems as though it's going to work out. She tells of the events as the project began in this short story.

    "I no longer paint and haven't for about 5 years cause my eyes are bum. But that's ok with me having painted between 1500 and 2000 paintings in my life.  So what do I do now? One thing I am doing is my memoirs. That just about came to an early end when a bear stole my Tenakee suitcase which held my memoir work, when I retuned from that Village. I had put it by the car that was going to take me home from Juan's house and when I went back outside it was gone!! Later, Juan found it in bushes and only thing missing was  a bag of home -made cookies from a friend - Cheers & Love Rie"




AUGUST  2011

Happy 90th Birthday Rie


~ You're Invited ~
Celebrate Rie's 90th Birthday

     August 20  2-4pm at the Rie Munoz Gallery, 2101 Jordan Ave.

     The Rie Muñoz Gallery in Juneau, Alaska will be hosting Rie's 90th birthday party  Saturday, August 20, from 2-4 pm. Everybody is invited! This should be well attended.  The locals never miss an opportunity for free chow, and to be at an 'historic' occasion.  



     It looks like Rie is still painting after all. She recently gave Juan and Cathy a fun painting of their son Matthew roasting marshmallows with an enormous stick. Rie got her inspiration at a fun beach fire in Tenakee.

Rie Settles back into Alaska Life

     Rie really likes her new condo, says it is centrally located on flat land so she doesn't have to climb the stairs anymore and she has easy access to the whole town from there. She looks over toward Douglas and really has a terrific view.

     Also she really likes being a senior citizen.  She's finding all kinds of things, to help her stay active as ever, from the local bus service to the many senior services offered, it's an amazing time we live in, look around and take advantage of it all every day.



June - July 2011

Rie's back in Juneau

     Rie had a surprise visit, before leaving Morro Bay, from Juan and grandson Matthew. Actually Juan and Matthew may have used Rie's vacation in Morrow Bay as an excuse to go to Disneyland. We don't know that for sure but you must admit it's a bit suspicious, ya think!

Rie is now back in Alaska enjoying the good life!




April 2011

If your planning a trip to Alaska, read this first!

Our April News is from the Rie Muñoz Gallery, a very interesting and informative read.

    by Juan Muñoz

Morro Bay
Relaxing in Morro Bay


     Rie is back in Morro Bay, CA for a few months to get out of Juneau for the worst part of the winter. She left in the middle of a cold spell (0 degrees with 80 mph winds) and didn't look back. With a stop in Seattle Rie saw the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. We hope you all did as well, what an amazing exhibition! The pieces are from Picasso's personal collection on loan from the Museum of Paris. It showed the evolution of Picasso's style, the different mediums he employed great black and white photos of him and his family, his blue period and sketches.

     The fact that he kept a collection of this body of work is tremendous. It is in this spirit that we have maintained a major body of work by Rie Munoz at her gallery. Having this large collection of Munoz original watercolors (over 120), tapestries, stained glass work and well as her older published silkscreens and lithographs in Juneau keeps the artwork in the public's eye and mind.

Gallery Floor


     If any of you are planning a trip to Alaska via cruise ship or Alaskan Marine Hwy, I suggest you view this stunning collection of Rie's work. There are two galleries in Juneau carrying Munoz's work. The Rie Munoz gallery 'in the valley' is the 3500 sq. facility with the permanent collection of originals and memorabilia. With a 17' high ceiling covered head-to-toe with Munoz's colorful artwork, it is truly impressive to anybody, let alone a Rie Munoz fan. If not offered, be sure to ask for a tour in the back room and upstairs where the originals are hung.

Gallery View

     The Rie Munoz Gallery is a 10 minute walk from the airport or a $25 cab ride from downtown Juneau where the cruise ship ties up. There is also an express bus that leaves downtown every half hour and stops across the street at the Nugget Mall. Be sure to catch the express bus or you will see every neighborhood and dog house in Juneau instead of 20-30 minutes.

     Rie's Juneau Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5:30pm Alaska time during the summer. We appreciate your continued interest in the art of Rie Munoz.

March 2011

Rie's Ready to Head South

     Christmas was great for a lot Rie's friends & fans this year.  Most all the folks ordering Rie's art were excited to know that life is really good for her.  Rie had a wonderful holiday season enjoying Mercedes home from college and watching Matthew growing up.

     It's going to be a busy month for Rie as she gets ready to head to Morrow Bay and warmer weather, which she says she's really looking forward to. Juneau has been having a white, windy and cold season, they say it seems a bit more than usual.

    Gala-Rie, have had another fantastic year. We had a wonderful time at the 2010 show- visiting with Rie's fans, sharing the fun stories, and providing an opportunity for them to purchase some rare prints and many newer ones still at issue price  We are all looking forward to the show at the Tacoma Dome, October 2011.  We'll again have an amazing Collection of Rie's work going back to the very beginning including some of her first published prints.  See you at Booth #209.

Note from a fan

     She writes - "When needing to be cheered up, tell all Rie's fans the following.  Forget chocolate, forget the wine, don't worry about the weather.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy their Rie Munoz art.  It makes you feel so good. I thought I'd share these thoughts with you. By the way, thanks, we had the Lena Cove print framed for Christmas, it sure brings back wonderful memories".

    A Rie Friend







Visit Gala-Rie at the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival at the Tacoma Dome
Our next Show ~ October 2011 Booth 209

Thank you all, 2010 was tremendous, we really appreciate your business

November 2010

Tacoma Holiday Food and Gift Festival

     It was great to see Rie's friends and fans at the show.  They visited our booth, shared their "Rie stories" and found treasures.  Many new faces and lots of longtime fans. The show featured an amazing 40 year estate collection.

     We have lots of exciting old prints, very rare and hard to find. The estate collection is a tremendous addition to our print catalogue. You'll find a great selection to choose from.

     Over 400 prints available at gala-rie with at least 100 at issue price to choose from  There really is something for everyone. Just go to our catalogue and browse around.  Any questions email or give us a call.

     Rie was tickled that everyone had such a great time enjoying the prints at the show. She is getting ready to head South to Morrow Bay for the winter. She'll return to Juneau, Tenakee and the family in a few months , but the warmer weather really makes her feel good,  "feeling good is, good", says Rie.

     See the prints in our collection  CATALOGUE

     We are adding a new Page each month, Featuring 2 prints "Double Feature"  

Tacoma Dome - October 2010
28th Holiday Food and Gift Festival
Rie Muñoz Art ~ Booth 209

Tacoma Dome  ~ Show Dates and Times

Oct. 20th


11 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 21st


10 am - 8:00 pm

Oct. 22nd


10 am - 9:00 pm

Oct. 23rd


10 am - 9:00 pm

Oct. 24th


10 am - 5:00 pm

       This is the largest show of type on the coast. Everyone says, "It's a great event, they wouldn't miss it".

      We've been commissioned to sell an outstanding private collection . Visit our booth 209 and enjoy Ries' art,  "Find yourself a treasure".

     As many of you already know, Rie has retired her brushes and we've seen the last of the new print releases. 

     The final 2 prints published by Rie Munoz, "Lena Cove" and "Memorial at Sea" were tremendous, we still have a few at issue price. Take a look at our catalogue you'll find over 350 prints in stock-- over 40 at issue price.

About Rie   

     Rie is doing great! Going to art shows, not having anymore herself.

     Rie is not doing interviews, events, commissions or shows.

     No new prints or art coming out.

     The only thing she has planned is a few trips south. She goes down to Seattle 3-4 times a year.

     Rie is making plans to go to Morro Bay again for a few months during the worst part of the winter.

    Rie Muñoz celebrated her 89th birthday on August 17th with family, most notably her grandson Matthew age 4, whose birthday was four days earlier. 

    Mercedes, below, on left at around 4, and on the right a few months ago a truly beautiful young lady.  She recently left for college, we wish her the very best life she can imagine. Time surely does fly!


It's all about the Journey, may yours be eventful!






September 2010

Happy Birthday Rie

     Rie Muñoz celebrated her 89th birthday on August 17th with family, most notably her grandson Matthew age 4, whose birthday was four days earlier. Rie and the rest of us just returned from two weeks in Tenakee where we had great fun cracking crab, roasting marshmallows on the beach and picking berries. " Juan"

Rie Puts Down Her Brushes

     During their party, Rie and Matthew drew a few sketches together, but other than that, Rie is not painting any more. Muñoz says, "my eyesight is ‘bum’, but I figured I've painted between 1,500 and 2,000 paintings in my life and I'm perfectly ok to put down my brushes."

Munoz Print found in Vermont Antique Shop

     Rie received this photo of an original 1960 Rie Muñoz watercolor of Skagway, Alaska. It was purchased by a resident of South Carolina while traveling in Vermont last month. She stopped by this antique store and spotted a charming but very dusty picture way back behind two columns of ‘stuff.’ The owner wanted $50 but settled on $35! Measuring 12 ¾" x 9 ½" it is currently appraised at between $3,500 and $4,000. What a find!




August 2010

What's up with Rie?

     Talked to Rie the other day, she sounded wonderful. Rie will be 89 the 17th of this month. She sounds really happy and excited about life and all the goings on.  Granddaughter Mercedes is off to college later this month and Matthew will be 4 years old. It's unbelievable how quickly time fly's.

     Rie just spent a couple weeks relaxing in Tenakee enjoying the  good life. She said the blueberries were big, abundant and tasty. As you know one of Rie's favorite places to hang out is Tenakee.

     She just returned to Juneau, first night in town had a dinner invitation with friends.  Rie is spending most of her time just enjoying life, sketching anything that gets in her way.  She is actually sketching for another book project, to be completed one day for one of her friends.

     Rie really likes her new home downtown and she has her own parking spot. Up on Starr Hill, it was 1st come second out of luck and she says, "As more kids turned 16 and got their own cars, well, less and less parking places. Not having to go  up and down the stairs in all kinds of weather is really nice too!"

     We also talked about the Holiday Food and Gift Festival coming to the Tacoma Dome in October where we will have a collection of her old and new prints available for the Christmas shoppers. She said "It sounded fantastic"



Rie Munoz, Painting, Not Publishing!

 From "Rie Munoz Update 2010"

    "After releasing almost 600 prints, posters, silk-screens, cards and books, Rie Muñoz has decided to retire from publishing her art. Rie continues to pursue her love of painting and is currently doing just that, in Morro Bay, CA. She will join us back here in Juneau in a couple months. Once again, Rie is still painting but future works will not be released as print editions.

     When Rie first exhibited in Alaska her original watercolors sold for around $35, a reasonable price even in the 60’s. If asked the current value of one of those paintings, Rie will cheerfully reply, "I’ll give you $36 for it right now!"

     Early Muñoz shows sold out quickly. As her popularity grew, a lot of people wanted to own a piece of her art but were unable to find it. That’s when Rie started publishing her work. Muñoz first worked with linocuts and stencils and then with silkscreens. The first release of "Pushing Home Through Baby Ice" was in 1969, with an edition of 20

     Rie’s first three lithographs were "Eskimo Story Teller" 1973, "King Island" 1974 and "Scary Sea"1974. Thinking the public would not like "Scary Sea" she destroyed half of the 500 edition! Rie has always self-published with the exception of a few releases by Mill Pond Press. Rie enjoyed the freedom to print what she wanted, when, how, and so on. With her popularity rising in Alaska and the Pacific NW, Muñoz was always given a boost by the positive energy and response she met during the art shows in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. "I really feel inspired to get back to Juneau and paint," she would say after an opening".   Juan Muñoz



    We still have lots of  Rie's "sold out" art at very reasonable prices -- over 40 prints at issue price.  We offer a great collection of Rie Munoz, prints, posters, art cards, cloisonné pins, DVD's and books.   See our catalogue for prints in stock.  You're sure to find art to buy, or just enjoy the viewing adventure. We've been selling and collecting Rie's art for over 30 years, "loving every minute of it".  The Rie Munoz party isn't over. Like all of life, change comes with time. Rie has chosen to try to get more into hers while still offering new original paintings, which is her first love.


"Alaska Seafood Sustainability In Plain English"

     Rie Muñoz is working with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) and has produced a marvelous brochure entitled, "Alaska Seafood Sustainability in Plain English." This 26 page 5 ¼" x 7 ½" full color brochure features no fewer than 14 Muñoz images relating to seafood marketing in Alaska. This brochure will be distributed at worldwide trade shows.


     ASMI plans to translate the brochure to Chinese, Japanese and French next year. They are also making a trade show booth featuring Muñoz’s colorful images, a DVD and other marketing tools. If you would like one or more of these Alaska Seafood Sustainability in Plain English brochures for your special clients, please contact ASMI’s U.S. Marketing Office in Seattle, 1-800-806-2497.

Rie Returning Home

     Rie stayed at Morro Bay an additional month, the weather was great down there and it was cold in Alaska so it's not hard to figure out how she made her choice.  She plans on being home in April with plenty of activity planned as usual. 




What's Rie up to

     Rie is in Juneau looking after Juan's house and dog while they are off to Chile to visit relatives and just kick back for a while.  As soon as Juan returns, Rie is also getting ready to head off to Morro Bay CA. for a couple months R & R.  Rie really enjoys the warm climate and many interesting sights.  It doesn't seem to matter where she is though as she always finds scenes that delight her and some how end up in her sketch book.  She is still sketching daily and painting regularly. Bottom line, Rie is off to visit family and warm up.

Next scheduled release Nov 4th 2009

     November 4th is the next scheduled print release. We are taking orders now for these prints. "Lena Cove" was painted recently and "Memorial at Sea" is an older piece that Rie has had a lot of requests for, so she decided to publish it as a companion piece. We will have these 2 prints ready for shipping on Wednesday November 4th.

     There are no more print releases scheduled at this time. As so many have noted, Rie has indeed slowed down publishing new prints.  Your in luck though as we have a fantastic collection of her older prints on hand, many at issue price.  Take a look at our Catalogue, you'll find lots of treasures.


Rie is off vacationing

     Rie has not slowed down since her 88th birthday last month. She continues to paint new scenes of the Alaskan adventure and often records the life and times of folks anywhere she wanders.  Rie continues to delighting us as only she can do.

     Currently she is traveling on a three week trip with friend Ruth Pederson to Palm Springs and Victoria, B.C. When she returns, she will head to Tenakee to relax from her vacation. In January Rie will do her annual winter exodus to Morro Bay, California.


August 2009

Happy Birthday Rie August 17th

      Rie is celebrating her 88th birthday August 17th. We wish Rie continued health, excitement and adventure as she continues on her Journey.  Rie has given and shared so much with us over so many years, always showing the brightest in every situation.  Rie continues to create some of the most thought provoking, heart felt and nostalgic  art we have ever seen. Her art continues to captivate people all over the world.

Four New Art Cards

     Rie just added 4 new art  cards to the line now totaling 56: "Bear in Town", " Coming into the Inlet", "Dream" and "Family Dog" These were all very popular scenes over the past several years.  These new cards will delight you. We sell so many art cards that having these four new ones will deli

Next Print Release November 2009

     2 new prints will be released in November 2009, date and specifics to be announced later.

Rie donates prints to Pioneers' Home

     July 2009: Rie Muñoz donated 25 various size and theme prints to the Sitka Pioneers' Home. Rie has generously given to many great causes over the years. This donation will brighten the lives of and foster many memories for the 75 Alaska residence living in the home.  When we see how Ries' art effects so many people we have had the opportunity serve and their reactions to Ries' art, we know there are going to be some happy campers in Sitka.



May 2009

New Print Release May

     Two really nice new prints will be available May 8th,  "Unloading Fish" marks the end of one season and "Mixed Bouquet" is bringing in the new.  These two editions are 300 each

Rie comes back home

      Rie Munoz sat out another grueling Alaskan winter in the mild climate of Morro Bay, CA, a shrewd move,  Rie spent time sightseeing, visiting with family and friends, and painting.

      Excerpt from a recent letter;

     "Everyday I get up around 6 am, get dressed go downstairs-make the coffee and eat breakfast while watching CNN news which is often the same as the previous few days.  Then I walk over to my brother Piet's house and we have coffee together and then we split up and they do their things whatever that might be an I start painting until around noon. all seven days a week. I love that part of the day best of all"

      Just before Rie was ready to come home from Morro Bay, CA, Juan and grandson Matthew stopped in to visit grandma Rie on their way home from a "Boys Gone Wild" adventure at Disneyland.

Rie and Matthew, who's having the most fun?


Rie Munoz Alaska Women's Hall of Fame

     Rie was recently selected for induction into the Alaska Women's Hall of Fame. As part of Alaska's fifty-year Statehood celebration this organization has chose the Alaskan women who have helped shape the state in to what it is today.  A Ceremony was held in the BP Energy Center in Anchorage on March 6, but Rie was in California and could not attend.  Congratulations Rie !

Giant Worm Legend

"Giant Worm Legend" SOLD OUT very quickly as we had suspected it would.  This was a very short edition, only 175 but the folks who got them really liked the beautiful deep colors and of course the great legend.

   "The culture of the northwestern coast of Alaska is rich in legend and lore. It is said that at one village, an old woman was left behind when the townspeople departed to hunt for seals at their summer camp. The others left no food for the woman but she was not ready to die.

      Everyday the old woman would go out on the beach and search for scraps of food; fish, a piece of blubber or skin. One day, while beachcombing she found a small worm. Instead of eating it she decided to keep it as a companion. She shared what little food she had with the worm and it grew larger and larger. The worm followed her around. Soon it was big enough to hunt seal and would bring home lots of food for both of them.

      By the time the snow started to fall, the worm was enormous, and could kill anything. When the tribe returned to their village the giant worm attacked the villagers who had been so cruel to his friend, and killed them all."

The "Giant Worm Legend" original watercolor was painted in 1976. It was published in 2008, released in January of 2009. It is Rie Munoz’s only Giclee reproduction to date. It was printed by Mounier Giclee in Morro Bay California.


"Worm Legend" drawing by Eskimo artist George Ahgupuk




Rie Visits Mexico

     Rie went to Puerto Vallarta with good friend Ruth Pederson for a couple of weeks.  They did little of nothing, came back with no pictures, paintings or souvenirs. Rie did return looking great however. Yes, Rie was tanned, rested and ready.

     Ready for what you may ask?  Rie came back on November 3, a day before the election.  The election was of interest to millions, but for the Muñoz family this was a very important election for a more personal reason. Rie's daughter-in-law,  Cathy Munoz, was running for the State House of Representatives against an incumbent. Cathy did win the election and she is the only 3rd generation Alaskan legislator, both of her grand parents and her father,  Elton Engstrom served in the Alaska Legislature.

Rie Promotes Dolly Parton Imagination Library

      Rie Munoz has been a long time proponent of early reading. Recently she has teamed up with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program for a local promotion.  More than 750 children, 0-5 years old, have enrolled in the program and will receive one book a month. With a co-sponsor match from local businesses, $25 will purchase books for 10 kids. The goal is to enroll 1000 kids. Ten thousand books have been delivered to date in Juneau! The youngsters will have a nice library by the time they start school at 5. There are not children’s books by Munoz on the title list but that doesn’t bother Rie at all!

Gig Harbor Resident Donates Large Collection to Hospital

      A friend of Ries' who lived in Juneau but now resides in Gig Harbor donated a large collection of Rie's work to the local St. Anthony Hospital.  the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous has contributed 86 Rie Munoz prints and silk-screens valued at over $40,000 to the worthy cause.

       What makes this donation even better is that the art is to be framed and hung in the hospital as well as neighboring hospitals in Tacoma, Lakewood and Federal Way.  St Anthony Hospital co-chair Rick Larson said, "The soothing, healing benefits of beautiful art are well known in health care"

"Field Flowers" is now Sold Out


If you've been thinking about this beautiful print, we still have it at issue price.
Title:  "Field Flowers"
Product Number: 
Image Size: 
4" X 4 3/8"
Edition Size:
Issue Price:  
$55.00  shpkgd








New Print Release November 4th, 2008

     Two great new prints by Rie Munoz. Entitled "Checking for Soft Shells" and "Winter Quarters, Kotzebue," these two super prints will be released Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

PLEASE Don't Forget to Vote

Rie and Matthew Muñoz Celebrate Birthdays

     Rie Munoz And her grandson Matthew celebrated their birthdays together a couple of months ago. Rie turned 87 and Matthew two. Both are doing great and are very happy. It's probably safe to assume that there will be great adventures ahead for Matthew and Rie.

The New Alaska Quarter


     The fourth quarter released by the United States Mint in 2008 commemorates the State of Alaska. It is the 49th coin to be issued in the Mint’s 50 State Quarters® Program. On January 3, 1959, Alaska became the 49th state to be admitted into the Union. The reverse of the Alaska quarter features a grizzly bear emerging from the waters clutching a salmon in its jaw. The coin’s design includes the North Star displayed above the inscription "The Great Land" and the inscriptions "Alaska" and "1959."

     The grizzly bear and salmon symbolize Alaska’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife, with the bear representing strength and the salmon representing the nutrition that provides for this strength. The grizzly flourishes in Alaska and can be observed in places such as Denali and Katmai National Parks, Kodiak Island and Admiralty Island. More than 98 percent of the United States’ grizzly population is found in Alaska.

     The word Alaska comes from the Aleutian word "Alyeska," meaning "The Great Land." Populated by Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts for centuries, Alaska was not explored by Europeans until 1741. Russia established a colony in Alaska to protect its lucrative fur-trading interests, but sold Alaska to the United States in 1867 for $7.2 million, or two cents per acre, when it could no longer afford to maintain the colony. Although the purchase was derided by many in the United States at the time, its worth became apparent following late 19th century gold rushes and the discovery of oil in the mid-20th century.

     The 11-member Alaska Commemorative Coin Commission, appointed by former Governor Frank Murkowski, invited Alaskans to submit design ideas for the Alaska quarter. From the 850-plus submissions, four concepts were forwarded to the United States Mint for consideration. These concepts were developed into design candidates by the United States Mint’s Sculptor-Engravers and artists in its Artistic Infusion Program. On April 26, 2007, Governor Sarah Palin announced her selection of the grizzly bear and salmon design following a statewide comment period.

     The Department of the Treasury approved the design on May 25, 2007. The other designs considered include "Polar Bear," featuring a polar bear with the inscription "Land of the Midnight Sun;" "Dog Musher with Denali (Mt. McKinley)," featuring a dog musher, Denali, and the Big Dipper; and "Gold Panner with Denali," depicting a gold panner with Denali in the background.


 Cathy won the primary and is on her way

     Rie's Ddaughter-in-law, Cathy Munoz, is running for the District 4 House of Representatives seat here in Juneau. Rie has been going door to door with the candidate and other volunteers, discussing issues and urging people to vote.  They have been getting a lot of exercise, mostly in the rain and wind.  That impresses the voter to see the candidate battle the elements along with Rie Munoz Knocking at their door.

     She won the recent August 26 primary and 'God willing and tide rising,' she will go all the way this time. Good Luck Cathy.

"Bear in Town" Tapestry

     Rie Munoz just received a new tapestry from Aubusson, France.  This magnificent tapestry, "Bear in Town" measures 54" X 65" and sells for $25000.00.  The tapestry will be on display at the Rie Munoz Gallery in Juneau.


  Dream Poster for Alaska Visionaries

     Rie Munoz was asked to use one of her popular images, The Dream" for use in Alaska Statehood Celebration.  The 20" X 24"poster will be used to promote the meeting on October 16-18 in Anchorage of the "Alaska Visionaries; Seekers, Leaders and Dreamers." For more information, Visit www.alaskahistoricalsociety.org




New Print Release August 1st, 2008

     Rie has been home in Juneau and Tenakee, She spends as much time as possible with her two grandchildren who are growing up rapidly, how time does fly - It's all about the journey!     We hear all the time from folks buying Rie's art, how incredible she is at bringing back memories of the many diverse journeys we've had. She's especially talented at portraying  our every day life and in many cases even convincing us we were really having a great time enduring the toils of the day.

     Rie is off to Seward to hook up with some artist friends, visit and of course do some sketching. She is always sharing life with her friends in the great North, no grass growing under her feet.

Message in a Bottle

     Rie got an e-mail the other day from a gentleman in British Columbia saying he had found a four year old message in a bottle from Rie! Rie and a couple of friends were on the way to Unalaska and having finished a bottle of gin they cheerfully wrote a message in a bottle and threw it in ;the rough waters of the Gulf of Alaska.  This chap was beach combing for Japanese glass balls in Lepas Bay near the old Haida village of Kiusta on West coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands. the message written on one of Rie's art cards was a mainly complaining that they had lots of olives left but no gin.




Rie Returns Home from Morro Bay

     Rie had a super time in Morro Bay, California for the last couple of months, but was equally excited to return home.  She's most interested in what 'the latest" is with her little grandson Matthew. Juan usually has  some fun anecdote to share in the way of a new move or word he has mastered.

     Rie did a few paintings while on the coast. Sea lions, birds, bright colors and a quiet fishing industry all make for great subject matter.

Rie is off to the Iditarod Dog Sled Race
     A couple days after returning from California, Rie jumped on a plane to Nome to check out the last part of the 2008 Iditarod Race. No, She didn't run in the Iditarod but did a number of great sketches for future paintings

     Unlike most, Rie didn't care to see who won.  she just wanted to sketch and get the flavor of  the race so she showed up a week after the winner came in. just in time to watch the 'red Lantern' prize (the last team in) given to a local Juneau musher, Debbie Bicknell.  Later that night Rie and Debbie dined together and Rie got to hear all about the long journey.


Release Schedule for 2008

     Rie plans on releasing 6 lithographs this year as follows:  

 2 - lithographs May 1st

 2 - lithographs August 1st

 2 - lithographs November 1st

     We have over 40 prints at issue price. Check the CATALOGUE They're marked with a *  All the prints in the catalogue are in stock.

     We'll keep you up to date with the latest from Rie here. If you would like Rie's latest release info sent via e-mail:  Click here  email Gala-Rie  and type your name and e-mail address you would like the info sent to in the subject line.



Rie is featured in many publications

     Rie and her art is continually pursued by her fans and the journalists. You'll find her featured in the Anchorage Daily News at http://www.adn.com/arts/story/245166.html  and her new book "King Island Journal" is featured in the April 2008 Alaska Magazine which is available now on the news stands www.alaskamagazine.com Rie continues on the move through her Alaska. She just came home from Morro Bay and then went on to visit with the folks and enjoy another exciting Iditarod Race. Not sure but I'd bet she did a little sketching and maybe we'll see another picture inspired by the race! 

     We have the book "King Island Journal" available at $29.95 +$2.95 shipping Bk Rate

     Order 800-448-9975  

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 2008

   The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race ... March 2008... is a great experience you can enjoy from wherever you are.  The Official Iditarod site is where you can follow the teams on the trail. Just click on the link and your off to an exciting Alaskan adventure. www.iditarod.com 

Anchorage Museum Show

     Rie Munoz had a super original art exhibition up in Anchorage with the artist's reception on December 1. Several hundred people came to see Rie and her 45 original water colors and three tapestries.

Rie Moves OFF Starr Hill

     After 45 years of living in the historic Starr Hill neighborhood in downtown Juneau, Rie has moved closer to sea level.  Rie purchased a condo downtown last month where she doesn't have so many treacherous steps to negotiate and she's within a short walking distance to stores and the Post Office. Many friends live in the same complex as well as many long time Juneauites.  Starr Hill is snowy ,slippery and a bit hazardous five months out of the year and Rie's car is often buried in snow for a couple of those.  She now has covered parking and for first time in many years she has a bed and dinning table." I just love it here", exclaimed Rie.

Off to California

     Like a snowbird flying south for the winter, Rie is making her annual migration to a warmer climate.  During January and February Rie will rent her small house overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Morro Rock.  From this base camp she'll take walks along the waterfront, visit her brother and nephew, stretch and paint. She says there will be plenty of scenes there for her to sketch and maybe paint. 



Where is Rie?

     She headed up to Anchorage for a book & poster signing this weekend, November 30th.  Rie's looking forward to seeing and visiting with friends and fans.  Surely the adventures in the "King Island Journal" will be a fantastic discussion topic for all.  We have the book "The King Island Journal" and the poster "Bear in Town" available for sale now, and the book is available at your local library.


November 2007
New ~ Book New ~ Poster

"The King Island Journal"

     Soon after Rie moved to Alaska, met and married Juan Muñoz they were hired by the Alaska Native service to teach school on King Island. It's located about 100 miles north of Nome. the Island is about 2 square miles rises precipitously out of the sea to a height of one thousand feet.

     9 October 1951
     King Island

     Our first view of King island was impressive.  we saw it early in the morning.  the flat top of the island was covered with snow, although the steep sides were bare.  To the north we could see the snow-covered hills of Cape Wales and a bleak-looking fog bank covering the Bering Straits and Diomede Islands, From the boat, even though these other points of land were visible, our little island certainly seemed plunked in the middle of nowhere.

    For the first time it really began to hit home just how far removed we were.  As we got closer to King Island and the village began to come into view, it seemed as if we were being taken back through the years to some ancient civilization.  It looked for the world like the picture the history books describe of the dwellings of prehistoric man. (excerpt from King Island Journal)

     This journal is a fascinating account of an almost unbelievable adventure which Rie experienced, in her early Alaskan days, on a remote island  community  where she taught school in 1951-52.  The sketches she did while living on King Island have been a source of inspiration for many of her watercolors.    

     You live with Rie and Juan as this extraordinary adventure unfolds,  we couldn't put it down.  The pictures took you to the island and the text made you shiver. You won't be disappointed!  This is a remarkable Christmas gift for you and maybe, for one of your fellow  Rie Munoz fans.

Order yours today 800.448.9975

$29.95 +$2.95 media shipping 10 days

$29.95 + $8.00 priority 3 days


"Bear in Town" Show Poster

Original Exhibition
 in Anchorage This Christmas

     Rie Muñoz will have a watercolor exhibition at the Anchorage Museum at the Rasmuson Center November 21 through December 3O, 2007.  Rie has chosen the very popular "Bear in Town" watercolor to feature on the show poster.

     We have received the poster and will start shipping this week.

Order Yours 800.448.9975

$20.00 + $7.50 In Tube
US Mail Priority



September 26th 2007

New silkscreen

Reindeer Roundup Info

Distinguished Artist Award 2007

Rie Munoz, winner of the 2007 Rasmuson Foundation's Distinguished Artist Award, will be sharing recent watercolors as well as some favorite earlier paintings from her personal collection. The Munoz exhibition will feature around 40 original watercolors highlighted by several Aubusson tapestries.

Munoz, 86, has been traveling around the state sketching her favorite subject, people. "Most people are easy going, live and let live, and sociable, that's what I'm trying to express here." Many artists capture Alaska's awesome landscape, while Munoz focuses on the culture, legends and day to day activities of Alaska's people.

Rie Munoz's art can best be described as 'expressionistic.' This art form rejects camera style realism and instead expresses emotion by distortion and strong colors. Munoz's work, know to be cheerful, rarely uses smiles on her subjects, even children at play.

During the artist reception on Saturday, December 1 from 1-3, Munoz will be signing her latest book, The King Island Journal." This unique 1951-52 written journal and photo documentation features a period in Alaskan history that has since vanished. Shortly after Rie's teaching tenure, the school was relocated to Nome and the village abandoned. Munoz will also have many of her art books available.

Come see why Rie Munoz and her art is loved by so many Alaskans.



     Since our last update about Rie Muñoz slowing her release schedule, we’ve had some questions that we can answer in this Rie Muñoz News Letter.

Q; “Is Rie ill?”


Q: “Is she old?”

     Soon but not yet.

Q: “Is Rie quitting?”

     Not hardly. Since winning the Rasmuson Award for Most Distinguished Artist, along with the $25,000 prize that must be spent on art related items and activities within a year, she’s been going great guns. Muñoz has been purchasing airline tickets around Alaska and has done lots of traveling so far this year, including Nome, Unalaska, Kodiak, and Tenakee. Lots of great work has resulted, some of which you will see as lithographs in 2008. She’ll be attending the Iditarod 2008 but not participating.

Q: What does nothing scheduled mean?

     Actually, now there is; September 26 the “Reindeer Roundup” silkscreen, and on November 1, “King Island Journal” book. In May of 2008 Rie will have two or three new Muñoz lithographs available. We will probably see a total of 6 lithographs in 2008 instead of the usual 12. Rie likes this flexible schedule.

Q: “We heard she moved, is that true?”

     Last year Rie decided to forward all her mail to her gallery at 2101 Jordan Ave. so that’s how this rumor started. Rie still stays on Starr Hill up 186 stairs but is considering a nice condo closer to sea level. Muñoz still makes her annual pilgrimage to Morro Bay, CA in January and February to shake off the ice and snow.

Q: “What do you think is going on?”

     The only thing in life that stays the same is that things change. In the spirit of enjoying painting and her life even more than before, Rie has decided to slow her release schedule. She’s having a blast these days, let me assure you. This is not a sweet little old lady in tennis shoes fading into the sunset. There’s more to come. How much more? Time will Tell ! 

Q: Are they going to re-print the old lithographs in any form ?

     Rie Muñoz has always been very adamant that her art be limited to favorite mediums including lithographs, silkscreens, posters, art cards, books, pins, stained glass and tapestries. She has done some beautiful pottery as a wedding gift to her son and daughter in law as well. Once a signed and numbered lithograph has sold out, there are only a few places you will see that image again. One is in a book about her art. The other is art card form although out of 500 plus editions Muñoz has done only 10% as art cards after the print sold out. The only other form is poster art which promotes exhibitions.


     Rie Muñoz will have a watercolor exhibition at the Anchorage Museum at the Rasmuson Center November 21 through December 30, 2007. Rie will have a show poster of the image “Bear in Town” which will be available at the end of October.  ~We are taking orders for the poster now.~





Happy Happy Birthday Rie August 17th
 86 years YOUNG.

 ~ ~  Rie Muñoz Update ~ ~
~ Big News ~

     After 38 years of publishing prints and over 500 editions later, Rie Munoz has decided to slow her rigorous release schedule. Rie is continuing to paint and has done some fun ones recently. However at 85 she will be getting old soon. In the spirit of enjoying painting more as well as life in general, Rie will no longer be coming out with 12 lithographs a year.

     The next release will feature two new lithographs by Rie. Entitled “Sunday Morning” and “Cayucos Pier”, these two fantastic prints will be released on Rie’s 86th birthday, August 17.

     There are still super treats in store for 2007, including a silkscreen to be released at the end of September and an amazing book on November 1, entitled “The King Island Journal.” There may also be a show poster for an upcoming original exhibition in Anchorage this Christmas. Rie Munoz will have other super images to share in the future in the form of prints or silk-screens but, there are no more releases schedule at this time.

Gala-Rie has an extensive inventory with many prints at issue price and a tremendous collection of Rie's older works of art.



Gala-Rie UPDATE August 17, 2007

Next Print Release August 17

2 - Limited edition prints
"Cayucos Pier" & "Sunday Morning"

and then!

A silk-screen will be released in September 2007
More info soon. Largest silkscreen work Rie's ever done.

and then for the Holidays!

~~ King Island Journal November 1st ~~

And Then  ? time will tell


     Rie Munoz will be having a original watercolor exhibition at the Anchorage Museum of Art this winter. The show opens around the last week in November and will run about a month. Munoz watercolors will be displayed on a 130’ running exhibition wall. Some of these paintings will be for sale. More details on this show soon.

Latest print Release May 17th

 Rie Munoz released three new lithograph prints "De-Icer, Morro Bay", "Dinner Coming?" and "Tenakee Gardner" These are available at Gala-Rie, Check them out and give us a call to order yours.  

     Cannery Dish Washer and "Lentil Soup are now sold out.  We have a few of the "Steam Bath, Unalaska", if you've been thinking about it, don't wait.




May 14,2007

Muñoz receives $25,000 art award

Artist among five in Juneau honored by Rasmuson Foundation

Brian Wallace / Juneau Empire   Honored: Renowned Juneau artist Rie Munoz holds a print Thursday in her gallery. Munoz won a $25,000 Distinguished Artist grant from the Rasmuson Foundation last week during a ceremony in the Gastineau Room on the ninth floor of the Baranof Hotel.

Last summer, Juneau artist Rie Muñoz spent a "pile of money" to house-sit and sketch in Dutch Harbor and Unalaska. The next time she decides to take one of her long journeys for ideas, the acclaimed watercolorist won't have to worry about the cost of her ticket.

Muñoz, 83, was awarded the Rasmuson Foundation's $25,000 2007 Distinguished Artist last week during a ceremony in the Gastineau Room on the ninth floor of the Baranof Hotel.

"I couldn't believe it," Muñoz said. "When they called me up, I was taking a nap and I thought somebody was trying to sell me something. When she said, 'You won an award,' then I knew she was trying to sell me something.

"I'm just going to keep doing what I always do, and that is go to villages and other places and do a lot of sketches, and then do paintings when I come back," she said.

Five other Juneau artists hit the jackpot Wednesday.

Juneau artist Janice Criswell received a $12,000 Fellowship Award for her Tlingit and Haida folk and traditional work.

"(The grants) allow you to do a variety of things," Criswell said. "It's really helpful to meet the needs of the artists."

Four Juneau artists won Individual Artist Project Awards: Diane Baxter, new genre (clay and sound), Juneau, $4,080; Stefan Hakenberg, music composition, Juneau, $5,000; John Leo, performance art, Juneau, $5,000; and David Walker, crafts (woodworking), Juneau, $5,000.

"It's the motherlode," Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan said. "Juneau is known as an arts community. There's so many organizations that work here, and a lot of individual artists that do. There's a lot of talent here."

The Rasmuson awards were part of the foundation's 10-year, $20 million Arts and Culture Initiative. So far, the Foundation has handed out $684,000 for four Distinguished Artist Awards; 25 Fellowship Awards; and 71 Project Awards. Judges from outside the state jury the selection process.

The project awards are intended to support a particular project that the artist has identified. The fellowships are meant to encourage creative work and can be used any way the artist sees fit.

"(Rie) can buy herself a new car if that's what she wants to do with it," Kaplan said. "It really recognizes her excellence and importance in Alaska life, and it's really just an award to recognize how distinguished she is. But I think she's going to use it to pursue her art."

Muñoz has traveled to villages all over the state since arriving in Alaska in the 1950s.

"I usually never plan the trips in advance," she said. "Somebody writes me or calls me and says, 'You just have to come up here and paint this particular scene.' It really surprises the heck out of them when I come."

Muñoz's work is carried in more than 200 galleries across the country, including her own space in Jordan Creek in the Mendenhall Valley. She won the Alaska State Council on the Arts' 2004 Governor's Award for Individual Artist, and last year her work was featured in a retrospective at the Alaska State Museum.

Muñoz's latest book, "King Island Journal," is due out this November. It includes 130 photographs plus a journal Muñoz kept with her former husband, Juan, when they visited the community in 1951.

Her next trip will be considerably cheaper than the Aleutians. She plans to take the state ferry to her cabin in Tenakee Springs.

The next Project Award application deadline is Sept. 1, 2007. For more information, visit www.rasmuson.org or call Victoria Lord at (907) 297-2827 or (877) 366-2700.

• Other $12,000 Fellowship Award winners: Margaret Abraham, folk and traditional (Yup'ik), Anchorage; Norman Jackson, folk and traditional (Tlingit), Ketchikan; Nancy Lord, literary arts and scriptworks (creative non-fiction), Homer; John Morgan, literary arts and scriptworks (poetry), Fairbanks; and Fran Reed, crafts (fish skin works), Anchorage.

• Other Individual Project Award winners: Kevin Co, media arts (videography), Homer, $5,000; Sandra Gillespie, visual arts (painter), Ester, $5,000; Stephen Gray, visual arts (photography), Anchorage, $5,000; Robert Hook, crafts (blacksmith), North Pole, $4,830; Steven Kahn, literary arts and scriptworks (creative non-fiction), Port Alsworth, $5,000; Ryan Olson, visual arts (photographer), Anchorage, $5,000; Nicole Stellon O'Donnell, literary arts and scriptworks (poetry), Fairbanks, $5,000; Tim Thomas, visual arts (photography), Anchorage, $5,000.

Korry Keeker can be reached at korry.keeker@juneauempire.com


Rie's back home

     Rie had a wonderful time in Morro Bay sketching and painting interesting scenes and subjects such as "De-Icer Morro Bay" one of many. The weather was much warmer and comfortable down there and she gets to visit family and friends and catch up on all the happenings. 

     Soon after she arrived home in Juneau and acclimated a bit, it was time for Spring Break so the family headed out to Tenakee Springs and dug out the cabins from the record snowfall. As a bonus they got in on the last of the subsistence King Crab season and plenty of sketching and eating. 

Rie never misses a chance to sketch a scene

     By the sounds and looks of things in Juneau, one would have to assume that Rie may be pretty excited to get back just to see her grand kids. Mercedes and Matthew surely have a way of keeping grandma Rie entertained.

Ok! just think about that

Matthew in Concert

Rie and Matthew. Who's entertaining Who?

Wonderful memory Shared

     This is a wonderful note and a couple pictures from a Rie Fan and friend ...........

Dear Mary and Bill

  "Rie's new print, "Lentil Soup", reminds me of the stove at Ophir, when I worked on the Iditarod.  There, the soup pot was on the stove, but without the lid! Let's hope there was no soup cooking in the pot.  When the mushers came in, they not only dried their own mittens, but the dog booties as well.  I thought you might enjoy these pictures, which are so much like Rie's print. as usual, she captures the true flavor of Alaska.  Regards, Sarah"

Check Pt at Ophir "92"

"Lentil Soup"

Check Pt. at Ophir "92"

Mushers LtoR: Linwood Fiedler-Dee Dee Jonrowe-Robbie Roberts-Bill Cotter



New print release February  2007

New Prints

     Three new prints were released Friday, February 23, 2007.

     "Cannery Dish Washer" edition size 450. "Cannery Dish Washer" I was in Pelican recently. While sketching the cannery kitchen I noticed this unique dish rinsing apparatus.  This was too good to  pass up along with the pots and pans and general clutter.  At first the cannery workers thought I was a health inspector with my sketch book in hand and serious demeanor.  They all relaxed and went back to work when I told them I was just an artist.   Rie Munoz

   "Lentil Soup" edition size 350.  "Lentil Soup" These old stoves are marvelous to cook on, heat you house, and dry your clothes, all at the  same time!  They weigh a ton and are not very fuel efficient I'm told but they are cozy as all get out and I like to paint them.  Rie Munoz

    "Steam Bath, Unalaska" edition size 650. "Steam Bath, Unalaska" When I was staying up in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska on the Aleutian chain last summer my friend, Ruth  and I were invited to many social events.  One of the livelier visits was this one where we were invited for a sauna with our neighbors.  I guess that's one quick way to get to know someone.  Rie Munoz 

     We will have these prints ready for shipping on Friday February the 20th.  Be sure to call or email to reserve your selections today.

Rie's Relaxing in Morro Bay 

      With six feet of snow on the ground in Juneau, it is quite a mess.  It's also difficult for Rie to drive and walk, even with her "Yak-Tracks" strapped to the bottom of her boots for traction and her trusty ski pole to keep her balance.  Therefore Rie Muñoz has headed back to Morro Bay, California for January and February and has rented a house with a nice yard and ocean view.  She says she'll write everyday.  With that she means, she'll write something everyday, not necessarily correspondence to her son.

Book Keeper has Baby Boy

       Rie Muñoz Ltd, bookkeeper, Demi and her husband Skip whom many of you folks have met at Rie's shows and exhibitions are the proud parents of a healthy baby boy born on November 15, 2007.  Apollo was delivered at the Juneau hospital weighing 7lbs. and 3oz.  Mother and child are doing fine, both are working part time at Rie Munoz Ltd,  father, Skip is working at his job and saving for college!

Artist Dale DeArmond Dies at 92

    Longtime friend and fellow artist Dale DeArmond died Tuesday, November 28 at the Sitka Pioneers home. A prolific artist, DeArmond was especially known for her wood blocks and wood engravings featuring mythology and folklore of Alaska.


      She was also a librarian in Juneau and I remember her ruling the library with an iron fist.

     One of her famous quotes was, "it's easy to be famous in Alaska!" Rie and Dale traveled to Europe together working on stone lithographs in Paris as well as throughout Alaska.  They went up to the town of NonDalton, Alaska where thy both did a series of NonDalton Legend silkscreens;  "Raven went Bear Hunting," "Raven had Two Wives," and "Woman Bear Legend." She will be Missed.  Juan Muñoz


Chile Trip 2006

     Juan, Cathy, Mercedes and Matthew recently went to visit family in Chile.  They flew down in mid December and enjoyed the holiday season in a warmer climate.  They got to celebrate New Years flying over Lima Peru. As their plane was descending, fireworks lit up the night sky through out the city and around the plane.  Sounds like they had a great time and arrived home rejuvenated and warmed up.  However winter in Juneau continued on in their absence, greeting them upon their return.

Have a Rie Munoz day,  "That’s about as good as it gets".

Mary & Bill Lindsay



What’s up at Gala-Rie? "Glad you asked!"

      We’ve been developing this Gala-Rie web site and our on-line sales for over 10 years.  We’re now selling Rie Muñoz art locally and around the world. It’s truly an amazing experience. We are closing the Gala-Rie store-front in December 2006.  We sincerely appreciate your friendships and patronage over the years. We look forward to serving your Rie Munoz Art requests on-line at www.gala-rie.com. We hope you enjoy the site, print catalogue and Rie News Up-Dates.  Phone or email us any time with questions or orders.

360-943-3354 ~ 800-448-9975 ~ wglindsay@gala-rie.com

New print release February  2007
Free Shipping
on all prints through  February 2007

 Have a Rie Munoz day,  "That’s about as good as it gets".

Mary & Bill Lindsay


December 2006

     Rie has been in Tenakee enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities with her many friends.  She will be returning to Juneau for the Christmas and New Years celebrations with family and friends.  Rie really enjoys being with her brother and the family in Morrow Bay especially this time of year as it's much warmer down there. So, New Years day she's on a plane and off to California for a few weeks to relax, thaw out and probably paint a picture or two.

     Here are a couple of pictures of the family


Happiness Is !




November Print Releases & DVD


     New prints  "Church at Akutan" is one of Rie's favorites.   "Starr Hill" Rie says "she's not sure what type person would live up there", and "Waiting for the Ashes to Cool" is a scene about the Ravens cleaning up the last morsels.  As usual the stories and prints are sure to delight and entertain you.



     RMLtd. has just produced another 30 minute DVD of Rie Munoz's artwork.  The Rie Munoz exhibition DVD features a walk through by Rie at her original watercolor retrospective exhibition at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau.  Rie talks about many  of the 130 originals, tapestries, stained glass and memorabilia exhibits that are on display. Juan Muñoz

$12.00 + $2.00 shipping



Rie Returns From the Aleutians

     Rie Returned to Juneau after a month and a half in Unalaska.  She got lots of sketching and a little painting done.  During Rie's visit the local Museum of the Aleutians put on a "Tea for Rie" About 70 or so locals showed up at the standing room only event.  They drank tea and ate yummies while Rie gave a slide show of the paintings she's done over the years.  Rie's first visit to the Aleutian Islands was 55 years ago when she and former husband Juan were on the North  Star heading to King Island.  This was her fifth trip to this remote island chain.

 Juan Muñoz


Rie Celebrates 85th Birthday

     Wow, What a  week! Rie turned 85 years old on August 17.  She came over to our house  for a delicious deer roast dinner With family.  The next morning we discovered a bear had broken the  window to our car which held leftover chocolate birthday cake destined for the gallery staff.  The bear was obviously upset he wasn't invited to the party.  Juan Munoz


New Son, Brother, and Grandson in the Munoz family

Baby Boy Matthew Felipe Munoz
Father Juan Munoz
Mother   Catherine Munoz
DOB   08/13/2006
Time   12:11 AM
Weight   6 lbs 12 oz
Length   20.00 in

~ Bartlett Regional Hospital Photo ~

We understand that the family is all doing fine including Rie who will  be celebrating her Birthday in just a few days.  Pretty Kooool Birthday present, Huh!


Latest From the Muñoz Family

     Rie celebrates the birth of her new grandson with mom Cathy, granddaughter Mercedes and Juan Munoz ( he's the one behind the camera).  Matthew Felipe Munoz born to Juan and Cathy Munoz 8-13-06 6lbs. 12oz. Juneau Alaska.

     Happy Birthday Rie (Aug. 17th) We all wish you many more.


New Print Release August 10th 2006

     Rie's latest print release includes these three fun summer prints "Pelican Fuel Dock", "Ella D" and "Commercial King Crabbers"

      Quilt Camp at Sea

      Since 2004, Len and Pat Tobin of Quilt Camp at Sea (www.quiltcampatsea.com) or (360-455-9926) have offered guests on their cruises a private reception and tour of the Rie Munoz Gallery in Juneau Alaska. During the visits, in addition to Rie meeting with the guests and personalizing their purchases, door prize drawings for a limited edition Rie Munoz print take place.  In August 2006, guests on the cruise will not only vist Rie and take a tour of the Alaska Art Museum in Juneau but were also offered the opportunity to travel back on–board the ship with Rie and Juan for a private luncheon celebration.


     Although the cruises Len and Pat organize through Carlson Wagonlit Travel Center, Inc.  In Lacey, Washington are predominately “quilting cruises” with quilting  classes available during the cruise, a large number of “non-quilters" register for their cruises as well to be able to attend the special events that are offered exclusively on their cuisses!  P. Tobin


Munoz Off On Another Sketching Trip

     One of the fun parts of being an artist,  I'm told, is the sketching trips one takes to gather the raw material for one's next painting. Munoz brings her sketchbook everywhere-remember "Public Shower on the Ferry" and "Steam Bath Aniak?"  She brings her sketchbook on her travels and sketches people in airports, restaurants, and on the street.


     Next week Munoz will head off to the Aleutian Islands to Dutch Harbor, the nation's second busiest fishing port.  Rie and longtime friend Ruth Pederson will be staying on this remote island for a month.  They will house-sit and enjoy the sights. Rie will sketch and paint and Ruth is thinking about getting a job!  Juan Muñoz.


 Muñoz Pregnant!

     That got your attention-mine too.  The big news that we'd finally like to share with you is that Cathy Munoz, Rie's daughter-in-law, is pregnant! The baby is due on August 17, Rie's 85th birthday.  We have taken a peek with ultrasound, and it's a boy. Both mother and child are healthy and we will be having a home birth just as we did with Mercedes.  we will give you all more information on these important developments as they occur. Juan Munoz


  Streff Gallery: Rie Muñoz prints

July 05 - 31, 2006

     Streff Gallery will feature prints of works by Rie Muñoz from the Shoen Library collection. Muñoz's paintings reflect an interest in the day-to-day activities of village life in Alaska such as fishing, berry picking, children at play, as well as her love of folklore and legends.

Admission: free. Open during library hours.

Marylhurst University
17600 Pacific Highway (Hwy 43) / PO Box 261 / Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261
Phone: 503.636.8141 / Toll-free: 800.634.9982 / Fax: 503.636.9526



Alaska State Museum

     Rie packs the folks in at the opening of the Alaska State Museum "Rie Munoz: a Retrospective" opening.  Lots of folks were on hand to see and visit with Rie. As usual, folks gathered to admire and reminisce over her art. This remarkable display of works by Rie will be on display May 13th through September 23.  The show is loaded with water colors, stained glass, tapestries and a fascinating array of art and memorabilia that Rie has created over the years. Show Posters available for shipping.  $20.00 + $7.50 shp. Wash. residence pay 8.4% ST. To order call 800-448-9975


The 2 photos below are from the Juneau Empire. Article by Korry Keeker at korry.keeker@juneauempire.com   Contact Paper www.juneauempire.com




Show Posters available for shipping.

 $20.00 + $7.50 shp. Wash. residence pay 8.4% ST.







3 New Prints May 10th

     "Hoist Operator" is a common scene on the busy docks.  "Jigging for Herring" is sure to remind folks of the smelting days, many have done both.  "View from my Window" is a Tenakee scene that Rie really loves and spends as much time as possible enjoying.




 Rie Muñoz Art Featured at State Museum This Summer

     Rie Muñoz, one of Alaska’s most recognized artists, is widely celebrated for her warm and whimsical interpretations of everyday life across this vast state. This summer, the Alaska State Museum will host a retrospective look at her more than 50-year career. The exhibition, featuring original paintings, tapestries, and memorabilia, will open May 13 and run through September 23, 2006.

     An opening reception will be held from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 13, as part of Juneau Museum Day. Admission is free. The artist will meet the public and sign books from 12 until 3 p.m. The Friends of the Alaska State Museum will provide refreshments between 1 and 3 p.m.

     Muñoz, a long-time Juneau resident who received a 2004 Governor’s Award for the Arts, has been drawing and painting scenes of everyday life in Alaska since the early 1950s. Her stylized and colorful work is easily recognized. She is best known for her watercolor paintings, but she has also produced lithographic, stencil and silkscreen prints as well as murals and stained glass works. Several books have documented her art and her illustrations enliven childrens’ books and many other publications nationwide.

     Muñoz’s prints adorn the walls of homes across the United States. Her work is carried by more than 150 galleries in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. In 1999 she received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree from the University of Alaska.

       Originally from Southern California, Muñoz first came to Alaska in 1950 on a tour ship. While visiting Juneau, she decided to see if she could find a job. She did, and has lived in Alaska ever since. She married, and in 1951-52 was a teacher on King Island in the Bering Sea, a formative experience for her. She later raised a son and held a number of arts-related jobs before deciding to devote herself full time to her art in 1972.

     Muñoz’s experiences on King Island attracted her to the traditional culture of Alaska’s Native peoples, especially the Yup’ik Eskimos of Western Alaska. Her sketching trips to this area provided material for numerous paintings depicting every-day subsistence life. Muñoz has also sought to show the ordinary, everyday events that define life in Southeast Alaska, such as bathing in warm springs, riding ferries, fishing, picking berries, and walking dogs. She has an artist’s eye and a cartoonist’s wit that sees the defining details that enliven the characters of the people she depicts.

      “Many Alaskans have unwittingly been subjects and inspiration for my paintings,” Muñoz says. “For instance, if you were in Tenakee when the humpback whales were performing in front of town a few summers ago, it’s likely you’re in the painting ‘Whales in the Inlet’.” The artist

maintains a second residence in the town of Tenakee, on Chichagof Island, accessible from Juneau only by small plane or ferry.

      The museum begins summer hours May 14. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily except holidays. General admission is $5. Visitors 18 and under are admitted free of charge. An annual pass that allows unlimited visits to the Alaska State Museum and the Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka is available for $15.

      Assistance is available for visitors with special needs. Please contact Visitor Services at 465-2901 before the visit.

 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Mark Daughhetee, 907-465-2901 www.museums.state.ak.us/press/munoz.htm



"Whales in the Inlet" Poster

     Also being released April 5th at the same time as the "Noah" silk-screen is the "Whales in the inlet" Poster.  This poster promotes Rie's upcoming Alaska State Museum exhibition.  We will have it available for sale on the 5th of April

$25.00 flat and shrink packaged, or we ship it rolled in a 3" tube for $27.50 includes shipping, Washington State residences pay Sales Tax.






April 5th ~ "Noah"silk-screen

     This is a 14-color silk-screen on 400 gsm Velin Arches paper. Printed at Coriander Studios, London England.  We think this is one of the most incredible and magnificent works of art Rie has done, the colors are absolutely outstanding.


Rie Munoz Retrospective Exhibition-Alaska State Museum

     Rie Munoz will be having a major exhibition at the Alaska State Museum, Juneau this summer. The exhibition will open on May 13 and will run through September 23, 2006.  The Rie Munoz retrospective exhibition will occupy the  entire second floor of the museum and display 60-70 original watercolors, old and new. In addition there will be Rie Munoz stained glass, tapestries, and memorabilia.  Some but not all Munoz art will be available to purchase- we will have more info in late Aril.  This is a must see show to any body traveling to the great land this summer.


Rie in Morro Bay

     Rie Munoz is spending January and February in Morro Bay, CA.  She rents a small house that has a view of the ocean and is within waking distance of her brother's house.  Munoz is happy to get out of the ice and snow although she loves to paint it. Tie is painting away and is on watercolor #7 of her trip! Munoz has also been keeping up on her coin commission committee duties with teleconference calls.


Art Card Price Increase

     As of the new year all of Munoz's art cards will retail for $3.00.  We sell hundreds of these cards, they are great for sending a note or framing, However you choose to use them they continue to be a great value at $3.00.  We keep a complete and large inventory of all Rie's cards, S&N prints and posters.


"Polar Bear and Fox" Cloisonné's Art Pin

     Rie Muñoz has just come out with a new art pin featuring the popular silk-screen "Polar Bear and Fox".  It retails for $10.00 and is available now.

    Rie Muñoz worked with Caryl McConkie with the State of Alaska Department of commerce and Economic Development who made a special order of two thousand for the State of Alaska.  They will be used as gifts for the Alaska Host program which welcomes and educates industry personnel about the state .


February 8th 2006 Print release

     This Rie Muñoz print release features the following titles, ""Field Flowers", "High and Dry" and "King Crab". These great lithographs will be available to pick-up or ship on Wednesday, February7th, 2006.  BE SURE TO  RESERVE YOURS 800-448-9975.  See Prints


Where's Rie

     Well! We're glad you asked.  She got through the holiday season in SE Alaska in fine shape.  She has just left for a stay in sunny California where she'll be visiting with relatives and friends, and what else? painting of course, it's just that she'll probably be a little warmer down there but she may not be a lot dryer according to the weather channel.  Whatever, we sure hope she really enjoys herself.


Rie Muñoz Art Classes

     Yes it's true. The ten kids of the Tenakee school have Rie Munoz for their art class teacher once a week for an hour during the fall months.  The class has been sketching , painting and learning some of the basics of rendering their imagination in to art form. We all should be so lucky!



Alaska Magazine features Rie Muñoz


The December/January 2005 issue features Rie Muñoz art on the cover and several of her prints inside.  Your going to love the spread they did on Rie and all the wonderful pictures.  the folks that subscribe to "Alaska Magazine should be getting their copy in the next few days and the magazine should hit the stands in a week or so, ENJOY!


Rie's Art on Cover of Ferry Schedule


     Rie Muñoz's "Summer Voyage" silkscreen image adorns the cover of the new Alaska Highway Marine Schedule. The image features the MV LeConte which services northern SE Alaska including Tenakee.



Happy 84th Birthday Rie
August 17th 2005


November Print release

     The next Rie Muñoz print release will feature the following titles, "Candidate & Kids", "Coming into Port" and "Priest & Cat". These great lithographs will be available to pick-up or ship on Wednesday, November 2, 2005, BE SURE TO  RESERVE YOURS 800-448-9975.


Puyallup Fair Show

     The second Rie Muñoz original watercolor exhibition at the 2005 Puyallup Fair was incredible.  The Puyallup Fair set another attendance record and Rie Muñoz was visited by thousands of her friends, fans and enthusiastic collectors.  Fans who came to the Fair found a most extensive exhibition of Rie's current work as well as lots of memorabilia that chronicled her life.


New book, a Collectors Delight!

     New Rie Muñoz Book, "Alaska Through the Eyes of an Artist" will be available August 17th at Gala-Rie, which happens to be Rie's 84th birthday!  The new book features all Rie's published images from November of 1999 to August3rd 2005. $24.95

        New! "Alaska Through The Eyes Of An Artist" - book hardbound

        "Portrait Of Alaska" - book hardbound

        "Rie Munoz at The Frye Art Museum" - book soft cover

        "Alaska by by Rie Muñoz" is a DVD


    With these three books you'll have a complete reference library at your finger tips of all 454 images published by Rie Munoz , this number excludes all the posters Rie has published in the past 36 years.   These 3 books are a must have for all Rie Munoz collectors.  Also you will want Rie's  DVD, which is an incredible visit with Rie and a look into her life.



    Rie Munoz and fellow Juneauite Mark Vinsel have been appointed by governor Frank Murkowski to head the commission to design and choose the Alaskan image that will appear on the quarter of the "50-State Commemorative Coin Program." Munoz and others on the committee will help design and choose an image that will appear on the "tail" side of the quarter that will go into circulation in 2008.
Of course we would a love to see a Rie Munoz quarter in circulation say with an image of the Embrace or Polar Bear and Fox but its not going to happen this way. The committee must focus on an Alaskan subject, then write their concept in a narrative description. This narrative is then forwarded to the artists back at the US Mint and they will draw it out, thank you very much




Original Watercolor Exhibition at 2005 Puyallup Fair

    The Exhibition is at the Puyallup Fairgrounds Pavilion Bldg. 2nd Floor.  Park at the blue or gold lot- enter through the blue or gold gate. You're going to have a great time!   

    Rie will be present at the opening of the Fair at 10:30 am until 1 pm and again from 4 – 7 pm daily September 9, 10, and 11 Enjoy!

    Rie will have over 40 original watercolor paintings for sale, a new book, tapestries, and a new memorabilia display.  Rie Muñoz has been named the Western Washington fair's Artist of the Year twice.  as you may recall, she was the Artist of the year in 2003. 


New Print Release August 3rd 2005

    August 3rd new print release will feature "Bear in Town" ed. 650,  This large print depicts one of Rie's most favorite places. For a chuckle, read Rie's story on the back of the catalog page. "Cleaning a Halibut" ed. 600--This smaller 'chicken halibut' is said to be much tastier than its larger cousin.   "Snow Geese" ed. 550 --This flock  just stopped in Tenakee for a bite to eat on their way north.


Original Watercolor Exhibition at 2005 Puyallup Fair

    The Exhibition is at the Puyallup Fairgrounds Pavilion Bldg. 2nd Floor.  Park at the blue or gold lot- enter through the blue or gold gate. You're going to have a great time!   

    Rie will be present at the opening of the Fair at 11 am until 1 pm and again from 4 – 6 pm daily September 9, 10, and 11 Enjoy!

    Rie will have over 40 original watercolor paintings for sale, a new book, tapestries, and a new memorabilia display.  Rie Muñoz has been named the Western Washington fair's Artist of the Year twice.  as you may recall, she was the Artist of the year in 2003. 


     Rie's new book, "Alaska Through The Eyes Of An Artist" , will show all the published images since the Rie Munoz at the Fry Art Museum book and a few we left out of the Portrait of Alaska book.  It will also have 40 or so unpublished paintings that will be for sale at the exhibition.  This new book will serve as a catalog and a great reference tool when researching the hundreds of fantastic images Rie Muñoz has done over the last half


Rie will be making personal appearances at the following galleries

Haystack Gallery Cannon Beach Oregon Sept. 4th

Sunbird Gallery Bend Oregon Sept. 2nd


Enjoy Your Visit to the Rie Muñoz watercolor exhibition at the Puyallup Fair, over 40 originals for sale




New Print Release May 4th 2005

    The last print release was incredible, The three lithographs released by Rie Munoz on February 16, “Family Dog”, “Pike Street Market”, and “Gastineau Channel” are sold out. Not since the “Dream” release have we had so many calls before and during a release and we are still getting lots of calls for them. 
     Rie’s next release will be Wednesday, May 4, with three excellent lithographs. the best way to get your prints, is call and reserve the ones that you want as soon as you see them.

   Time goes by quick, no? You blink an eye and the next thing you know, your baby girl is putting on make-up and telling you to grow up! Mercedes Marie Munoz turned 13 on January 26.
  Mercedes is enjoying school in Juneau, and doing well. She made the honor roll again this quarter with a 3.7 grade point average. She’s happier in the Juneau school of 600 as opposed to the Tenakee school of 12. Juan Muñoz



February 2005 Release

     Three New lithographs by Rie Muñoz entitled "Pike Street Market," "Gastineau Channel," and "Family Dog."  These prints will be released Wednesday, February 16th. 


     "Family Dog" shows the family Labrador "Bailey" sleeping with Mercedes in her Tenakee bunk Bed.  "Pike Street Market" is always a popular subject matter and " Gastineau Channel" is an exquisite little print.  They all have low edition sizes. 


Rie Muñoz To California

     Rie Muñoz has just left for two months to Morro Bay California.  She has rented a small cabin near her brother and other family members.  Rie plans to sketch, paint and enjoy life in warmer climates while the rest of the folks in Alaska rough it through a rigorous Alaskan Winter.  Rie enjoyed a great jaunt to Mexico a few weeks ago, obviously the warmer weather offered an irresistible invitation to her.  


Happy Holidays


Silk-screen January 5th 2005


     The first art release for 2005 is a spectacular serigraph that will definitely be a collectors delight.  This silk-screen is a low edition of only 475.  The title is "Ducks and Float".  This is a small (7 3/4" X 6 3/8") The issue price is $195.00 shrink-packaged and it is going to sell out quickly.  We are taking order now so be sure to order yours today. 1.800.448.9975 or email: wglindsay@gala-rie.com


Rie Returns From Mexico

     Rie Muñoz has just returned from a three-week Trip to Pt. Vallarta, Mexico.  Traveling with long time friend, Ruth Pedersen who has a time- share, they stayed overlooking the bay, enjoying the  sun and waves on the beach. I'm sure she misses the Juneau rain by now, really....  Juan Muñoz



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