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  Art Card Catalogue 
Rie Muņoz   5" X 7" Art Cards $3.00 ea. includes envelope 360-943-3354

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01-ark.jpg (14003 bytes)
Ark in Alaska

07-babygirl.jpg (12240 bytes)
Baby Girls Legend

Bear in Town

Blue Moon Cafe

ac-boththesunandmoomn.jpg (21568 bytes)
Both the Sun & Moon
Belong to Women

Bush Transportation

Cannery Worker Crab

Cannery Worker
06-churchou.jpg (10927 bytes)
Church is out Nondalton
04-coffeebr.jpg (11584 bytes)
Coffee Break

Coming into Tenakee Inlet
05-craneleg.jpg (14139 bytes)
Crane Legend
03-createma.jpg (17790 bytes)
Creation of Man
09-dancers.jpg (14449 bytes)
 Dancers in Sealgut Parkas

02-downhill.jpg (12704 bytes)
Down Hill Skiers

The Embrace
08-evergree.jpg (12017 bytes)
Evergreen Bowl

Family Dog
10-fallcolo.jpg (12808 bytes)
Fall Colors
ac-ferryarrivingattenakee.jpg (21121 bytes)
Ferry Arriving at Tenakee
ac-fishermanswife.jpg (21466 bytes)
Fishermans Wife
12-fishgrad.jpg (9825 bytes)
Fish Grader
13-fishking.jpg (9816 bytes)
Fishing for King Crab
15-4thjuly.jpg (14892 bytes)
Fourth of July
ac-gamblemother.jpg (16112 bytes)
Gambell Mother
ac-gettingreadyfortheseason.jpg (25599 bytes)
Getting Ready for
the Season
11-halibut.jpg (11847 bytes)
Halibut 1$

14-icefishi.jpg (10669 bytes)
Ice Fishing

Iditarod Racer

17-inaugura.jpg (13214 bytes)
Inaugural Voyage

ac-kittiwakesstgeorge.jpg (22531 bytes)
Kittiwakes at St. George

18-lastcari.jpg (11901 bytes)
Last Caribou

16-ladiesba.jpg (10540 bytes)
Ladies in the Bath, Tenakee

19-monkeytr.jpg (31655 bytes)
Monkey Tree

22-musher.jpg (12652 bytes)

Northern Lights Legend

20-polarbf.jpg (7843 bytes)
Polar Bear & Fox

21-powerout.jpg (14653 bytes)
Power Outage, Orcas

St Nicholas Church

 ac-ptarmaginlift.jpg (23691 bytes)
Ptarmagin Lift

30-recess.jpg (17872 bytes)
Recess Auke Bay

Sea Birds St George

Scary Sea

ac-snowremoval.jpg (21049 bytes)
Shoveling Snow

28-signsofs.jpg (8983 bytes)
Signs of Spring

Sitka Summer

ac-starprinces.jpg (21504 bytes)
Star Princess

23-starring.jpg (11174 bytes)

24-steambat.jpg (14912 bytes)
Steam Bath

25-summervo.jpg (10952 bytes)
Summer Voyage

31-tangled.jpg (8002 bytes)
Tangled Traces

26-tenakeew.jpg (13885 bytes)
Tenakee Wedding

27-whaledan.jpg (10510 bytes)
Whale Dance

ac-whalesintheinlet.jpg (22510 bytes)
Whales in the Inlet

29-winterca.jpg (11024 bytes)
Winter Cabin

Winter Sport

32-womanbea.jpg (15012 bytes)
Woman Bear Legend

Winter Blast

Cards $3.00 ea
Includes envelopes

Buy 1 to 9 cards $2.00
shipping & handling

Buy 10 or more cards
shipping & handling in US

Order Cards   360.943.3354

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