We're looking for the following Rie Munoz Art !


Picnic, Seagull Island,
Dry Bay

Product # 8214

Edition of None

 19 c/proofs
Img sz.13 1/4"X 7 1/8"

Paper Sz.16 1/4" X 10 1/4"



"Berry Pickers"

Soapstone Litho

Edition of 50

Product # 7002

Img. Sz. 12 3/4" X 9"

Paper Sz. 17" X 11"




"The Kiss"

Serigraph with Hand coloring

Edition of 120

Product # 7607

some proofs were made

Img. Sz. 16 1/2" X 17 1/2"

Paper Sz.17 1/2" X  21 1/4"


"The Kiss" Plate # 57


    We are interested in buying the Rie Munoz art shown above. If you have this art and you're thinking about selling it let us know. However, first talk with your family.  They may want to keep and enjoy it.     OK, they don't!  So what to do next.

     Condition is everything in collectables and that stands true with works of art.  So we need you to take a good look at your art and determine what you think the condition is, then take a couple pictures of it.  Now send us the pictures and your personal evaluation of the art condition, email it to us at wglindsay@gala-rie.com 

     We will take a look at the information and make you a tentative offer based on it being in the condition we need. 

     If we feel it meets our criteria we will make arrangements with you by phone to send the item to us for our evaluation. 

    As soon as we receive the item, we will contact you and either send you a check by return mail or return the art to you.

     Do Not send us any art without first getting prior approval by phone.  We will not accept the parcels without prior arrangements, sorry No exceptions.


         Mary & Bill Lindsay

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     email - wglindsay@gala-rie.com  site - www.gala-rie.com


Thank you, we appreciate your help