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New!  "The King Island Journal"

     Soon after Rie moved to Alaska, met and married Juan Muņoz they were hired by the Alaska Native service to teach school on King Island. It's located about 100 miles north of Nome. the Island is about 2 square miles rises precipitously out of the sea to a height of one thousand feet.


New Book November 2007

"The King Island Journal"

$29.95 shipping +3.95 US Mail


"Alaska Through the Eyes of an Artist" will be available on August 17th at Gala-Rie, which happens to be Rie's 84th birthday!  The new book features all Rie's published images from November of 1999 to August3rd 2005.

   $24.95 hipping $3.95 US Mail


     New!    "The King Island Journal"
                $29.95 shipping 2.95 10 days


                "Alaska Through The Eyes Of An Artist" - hardbound
                 $24.95 shipping $3.95 US Mail


                "Portrait Of Alaska" - hardbound
                 $85.00 shipping $10.00 US Mail


                "Rie Munoz at The Frye Art Museum" - soft cover
                 $16.95 shipping $3.95 US Mail


                "Alaska by Rie Muņoz" is a DVD
                 $12.00 shipping $3.95 US Mail


"Rie Munoz at the Frye Art Museum"

     "Rie Munoz at the Frye Art Museum" is a must. This soft cover book has one-hundred color plates representing the largest collection of Munoz's original work ever exhibited. The public exhibition in Seattle runs from November 6, 1999 to January 9, 2000. There is an extensive biography about Munoz written by well-known author, Sarah Eppenbach, as well as sketches and stories by the artist.

      "Rie Munoz at the Frye Art Museum" is a great addition to her last books, "Portrait of Alaska"and "Rie Muņoz,  Artist in Alaska". With these three books and the insert page, you will have all the images published by Munoz through 1999.
"Rie Munoz at the Frye Art Museum" is now available at  Gala-Rie. The price is only $16.95.  Plus Tax and Shipping. 

"Rie Munoz, Portrait of Alaska"

     The "Rie Munoz, Portrait of Alaska" book brings together all of her published work from 1966 to 1995.  This 30 year retrospective includes 351 full color plates. The accompanying text by Juneau Author Sara Eppenbach tell the artist's engrossing story from childhood to her eventual career as a full time artist.
"Rie Munoz, Portrait of Alaska" is now available at  Gala-Rie.  Price for this great coffee table and reference book is only $85.00   Plus Tax and  Shipping.

"Rie Muņoz Artist in Alaska"

      The book, "Rie Munoz, Artist in Alaska, has just been re-printed 2002 and is now available through Gala-Rie. This soft cover book retails for $16.95 and has different chapters covering Munoz's work in originals, prints, silkscreens, tapestries and stained glass. If you missed out on the book in the 80's, it's ready to order now.

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~ More Books ~

"Runaway Mittens"

     "Runaway Mittens" was reprinted in  paper back form at $9.95.  S&H $3.95
     Pica loves the red mittens his grandmother knit for him.  They are the finest he's ever had.  There is only one problem.  According to Pica, his mittens are always running away. When he needs them the are never in his pocket.
     One day the mittens are nowhere to be found.  But when they are, Pica knows they are in exactly the right place.  An endearing picture book with brilliant illustrations by noted Alaskan Artist Rie Muņoz.



             "Kahtahah" was reprinted last year in paper back at $13.95. S&H  $3.95

             This is a true story of a Tlingit girl in Southeast Alaska in the 1800s.  Some great legends.




"Rie Muņoz Alaskan Artist"



   "Rie Munoz Alaskan Artist" is in paper back at $19.95 S&H $3.95

     Christopher Arend took 70 color photographs of the individual works of Rie Muņoz completed from 1971 to 1980.  Staff photographers worked with more recent work to prepare this book.




     "Andy" is a hard bound book at $17.50. S&H  $3.95

      Whoever heard of an Old English Sheepdog in Alaska....
      Andy flyes in one day with the mailbags to live with the school teachers in the Alaskan village of Noatak.  He becomes the much loved companion of the local Inuit children who have never seen anything like him before.


"King Island Christmas"

     "King Island Christmas" 3rd edition, has been reprinted in paper back at $9.95. S&H $3.95

     Winter is closing in on Alaska's King Island, and soon the Eskimo villagers will be cut off from the world for many months.  That suits them just fine_but only if they can first brave a rough and windy sea to fetch the new priest in time for Christmas.


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