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Title:  "Off to the Reindeer Roundup"
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18 3/4" x 13 1/4"
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      "Off to the Reindeer Roundup", was the 2nd print issued in 1998 by Rie Munoz  

      "In the early 60's I was invited by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to go to Nunivak Island in the Bering Sea to sketch the annual reindeer roundup.  I knew my eight-year old son would enjoy such an adventure, so along he went.
     The roundup was fun, hectic and wild.  It started with several herders (no dogs) combing an area of the island looking for a herd.  Once found, they would herd the reindeer to a certain point not far from the corrals.  By walkie-talkie the herders would alert the village of their position.  The village bell was then peeled-the sign for all villagers to climb aboard waiting boats-and off we'd go to a small bay beyond the reindeer.
     Everyone went ashore without so much as a whisper and formed a long line, side by side.  At a signal given by the lead herder, we all (60 people more or less) jumped up yelling and screaming and running toward the reindeer.  In panic, they fled blindly  toward a wide-funneled fence that ended in the corral.  Two-thousand reindeer in the corral was quite an impressive sight".  
  Rie Munoz