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Title:  "Butchering Halibut "
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8 1/8 x 8"
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"Butchering a Halibut ", was the 5th print issued in 1997 by Rie Munoz

    "I had just finished a painting and wondered what next, when my son called on his cellular phone; "They’re unloading halibut on the dock and a whopper of 200 pounds or more has just come up out of the hold!" I drove right over and got lots of good sketches of the goings-on. Later I went over to the cold storage for more sketching and saw an enormous one being cleaned.

     Normally fish are cleaned on metal tables, but then it comes to an unwieldy giant like the one in the print, a frustum shaped contraption topped by a pulley system takes over! This halibut was cleaned in only a few minutes".      Rie Munoz