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Title:  "Kara and Jacob"
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 6" x 5 1/2
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      "Kara and Jacob"

"Friends from Metlakatla, a small S.E. Alaska Tsimshian Indian Village, invited me over to sketch.

I did many sketches of village scenes, cannery interiors and cannery workers but did not fail to recognize a good subject for a painting right under my nose in the family's home, namely the warm relationship between Kara the lab and Jacob the family's 18-month-old son.

Jacob loved that dog dearly and would frequently throw himself on his fury friend and give her great, bear-hugs. But I could tell by Kara's expression that she was becoming somewhat uneasy over these warm displays of love and I suspect her canine thoughts came close to my own human ones:  As Kara gets older, so Jacob gets bigger".  Rie Muņoz