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Title:  "Commercial Fishing East River"
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  23 1/4" x 16 1/8"
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      "Commercial Fishing East River"

     "Last summer I was once again (3rd time) invited to the Dry Bay area, near Yakutat, Alaska to sketch the annual commercial salmon fisheries there,  This year my hosts had established their sets on the East River.  When the announcement came over the radio that the Department of Fish and Game had declared on “opening” the wild, frantic excitement began.  Sockeye salmon were heading up-river by the thousands and every fisherman and woman was determined to get a fair share or more.  I was determined to get in some good sketching for a watercolor.

     Several months later, back in Juneau, I did a painting on the subject.  A friend and retired Fish and Game enforcement officer stopped by to see what I was working on. When he saw the painting he pointed to the woman in the water holding the paddle (lower right) and said, “That’s illegal, but not to worry, no one knows who she is.“  Her job was to slap the surface of the water to frighten the fish into the net.  Actually the fishermen must also keep their nets 75 yards from their neighbors” nets,  But my main effort here was to convey t he boundless energy  and frenzy of an opening.   And I think I succeeded in that".   Rie Muñoz