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Title:  "Unloading Fish"
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      "Unloading Fish" A lively scene at a local cold storage in Juneau shows workers unloading a fresh catch of salmon. As fishermen catch throughout the day, the fish are packed in ice in the hold of the boat.  The fish hold is separated by "baffles" in several large and evenly balanced compartments.  This prevents fish from sliding from one side of the boat to the other in choppy seas.  Without baffles,, shifting of weight can b disastrous.

     Back on deck, unloading is one of the best parts of being a fisherman, payday!  The cold storage, tender or cannery pays on  the spot for the catch.  Depending on  the skipper's mood and the fish openings, he or she will let the crew have a night off to " blow off steam" at the bars, or re-fuel and head right back out.  This particular skipper headed back out to sea after unloading.  by Rie Munoz