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Title:  "Polar Bear Legend"
Product Number:  0101
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 20" X 8 1/2""
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      "Polar Bear Legend"  This silkscreen illustrates an Eskimo legend of a young boy and his sister that lived with their wicked grandmother during a time of starvation. The boy was blind.
     One day a polar bear approached.  The grandmother handed the boy his bow and exclaimed, "I'll point you in the right direction then you shoot."  The boy drew his bow, shot and killed the polar bear.  "Oh to bad, you missed." said the grandmother and turning to the boy's sister whispered, "Now there will be more meat for you and me."  But in the night, while the grandmother slept the sister brought her brother meat.
     The legend continues with a happy ending; the blind boy ventures to the ocean and regains his sight with the  help of a loon.  The wicked grandmother goes to the ocean for magic powers and is swept  underwater by a seal.  The seal spirals down and down until the grandmother becomes a Narwhal and disappears in to the sea.