"Rie Munoz Secondary Market Price Guide"
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Title:..... name of print, silk-screen, poster or art work created by Rie Munoz.
Pl. #:...... plate number of print as listed in "Rie Munoz, Portrait of Alaska".
Ed. Sz:... number of prints in the edition.
Prod. #:. I..D.code, the first 2 numbers indicate year, second 2 indicate release sequence.
Isu. Pr:.. price of the print when first issued.
Stat.:..... S/O art is sold out.  AV art is available at issue price.
NA & N/A ... not available or not applicable
CSP.:..... is the (Current Selling Price) highest reported retail sale price by a Rie Munoz dealer.

          We are listing the latest prices (CSP) in this price guide.  The older pieces in the price guide that appear to be low in price  are difficult to find and seldom come up for sale.  Condition is number one in any collectable art.. The prices are based on, the sale of a flat pristine (perfect or mint condition) pieces of art.

         If you have any questions about a print, talk to your Rie Munoz dealer, also check with other dealers to confirm your conclusions.  Some important issues establishing price are, condition, edition size, age of art, demand, region of country, and of course condition.

         Q:  What is a Rie Munoz "Sold-Out" Print? 

         A:  A "Sold-Out" print is no longer available from the publisher.  When all the prints in a          particular edition have been distributed to authorized Rie Munoz art dealers, the edition is considered to be "Sold-Out" and is often called a "Secondary Market Art Print".

          Preserving  a Rie Munoz original water color through reproduction is a painstaking process.  The high quality is  achieved by using the traditional offset lithography method.  Working directly from Rie's original painting, a color separation is produced from a digital camera and dot etched by a master crafts person.  The resulting separation is then used to transfer the image of   Rie's original painting to the metal palates.  Our printer uses only archival paper and the best inks available.  The result is the next best thing to a Rie Munoz original. RMLtd.

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