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"The King Island Journal"

     Soon after Rie moved to Alaska, met and married Juan Muñoz they were hired by the Alaska Native service to teach school on King Island. It's located about 100 miles north of Nome. the Island is about 2 square miles rises precipitously out of the sea to a height of one thousand feet.

     9 October 1951
     King Island

     Our first view of King island was impressive.  we saw it early in the morning.  the flat top of the island was covered with snow, although the steep sides were bare.  To the north we could see the snow-covered hills of Cape Wales and a bleak-looking fog bank covering the Bering Straits and Diomede Islands, From the boat, even though these other points of land were visible, our little island certainly seemed plunked in the middle of nowhere.

    For the first time it really began to hit home just how far removed we were.  As we got closer to King Island and the village began to come into view, it seemed as if we were being taken back through the years to some ancient civilization.  It looked for the world like the picture the history books describe of the dwellings of prehistoric man. (excerpt from King Island Journal)

     This journal is a fascinating account of an almost unbelievable adventure which Rie experienced, in her early Alaskan days, on a remote island  community  where she taught school in 1951-52.  The sketches she did while living on King Island have been a source of inspiration for many of her watercolors.    

     You live with Rie and Juan as this extraordinary adventure unfolds,  we couldn't put it down.  The pictures took you to the island and the text made you shiver. You won't be disappointed!   This is a remarkable Christmas gift for you and maybe, for one of your fellow  Rie Munoz fans.

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